Gloucestershire Hospitals form new choir


Staff from across Gloucestershire Hospitals have jumped at the chance to join a new choir.

Although the new musical ensemble is yet to be named, workers from across Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals have leaped at the chance to join and the Trust has been offered assistance in the venture from Gloucester Cathedral.

Organisers have been overwhelmed by the response with around 200 signing up following the first announcement and more people expressing interest all the time.

The choir was the brainchild of Trust Learning and Development Trainer Lucy Mathieson as she explains:

“I emailed our Chair Professor Chilvers with the idea after watching the Choir programme on BBC2 with Gareth Malone. I watched with interest the massive effect that music and singing has had not only on the people who participate but also those who watch.

“I am sure that we have a huge number of staff in the Trust who have the skills, talents and gifts to make up a choir that could do what I feel the staff awards ceremony did; making people feel better.

“With my nursing background I am aware that happy staff helps make a happier environment for patients.

“These are some of the nicest, most enthusiastic and even funny e-mails I have ever had the pleasure to receive. I shall collate the information from the questionnaires as soon as I have a bit of time, but so far there seems to be a lot of talent for singing, with offers of coaching.”

Organisers say they are welcoming people with a wide range of skills, not just singers, from administrators, conductors, accompanists and voice coaches to someone who could help with transport to rehearsals.

Trust Chair Professor Clair Chilvers believes the choir is inspiring:

“To have something that will lift morale and improve and enhance the true team spirit within the hospitals is really inspiring and captures the imagination”.

Rehearsals would primarily be in Gloucester, but this will be a choir for the whole hospital and we recognise that a number of our staff live in a wide variety of locations, irrespective of which hospital they work in.