Healthy living in Children's Outpatients


Our Children’s Outpatients department at GRH are working really hard to help encourage young patients and their families to take steps towards healthy living.

Beverley Jones, Ward Manager Paediatric Planned Services says: “January was Dental Hygiene Awareness Month and we had promotional tubes of toothpaste to give out, along with literature about tooth brushing. We also had 2 visits from the Dental Hygienist who talked to children and families about ‘no rinse, just spit’!”

Throughout February it has been Healthy Eating Awareness month. This has been a collaborative project with our catering department, who have liaised with their supplier and provided us with free fruit for any child attending an Outpatient Appointment for the whole of the month.  

Beverley continues:March will see the start of our Move More campaign.  We have a range of free literature from the 10 minute Shake Up campaign from Public Health England, and will also have a fitness instructor come in twice over the month, plus some Zumba music for the children and staff to get moving to!

“Following on from this, we have Stop Smoking in April, and then I hope to be a hub for a toothbrush exchange scheme. If anyone knows of any companies who may be interested in donating toothbrushes for this scheme, it would be great if they contacted us.

“The principle of Making Every Contact Count is very important to our team, and whilst we cannot yet evaluate the impact we are making, we are committed to exposing children and their families to some healthy messages each month.”

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