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Coding and Costing Audit - Monitor


Payment and Tariff Assurance Framework – 2014/15 coding and costing audit 

In 2015, the Trust has been selected for a coding and costing audit. The exercise is to be undertaken by Capita CHKS who are delivering the audit on behalf of Monitor. This audit will require access to a number of patients' medical records.

The audit will require records between March 24th and 26th inclusive. If you do not wish your records to be used for this purpose, please contact: Debbie Maitre, Clinical Coding Office, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cheltenham General Hospital,  College Baths, College Bath Road, Cheltenham GL53 7AN  as soon as possible or email us.

Monitor is managing the 2014/15 coding and costing audit as part of its pricing functions under Chapter 4 of Part 3 of the Health and Social Act 2012 (‘the 2012 Act’). Under the 2012 Act, Monitor’s functions include developing, publishing and enforcing the national tariff, a necessary part of which is auditing the coding and costing information recorded by trusts, which is used to develop the national tariff. 

We hereby notify patients that their medical records may be accessed for the auditing exercise. Patients may opt out if they so choose.  Given the scale of the clinical coding and costing audit programme and the timescales for delivery, it will not be possible to gain the consent of the individual patients concerned. Monitor is therefore relying on its legal powers (under section 104 of the 2012 Act) to require provision of the patient records necessary to carry out the audit.


Your records

As part of our Trust's monitoring program for monitoring quality and effectiveness of care, the medical records of a number of patients  are accessed from time to time for auditing purposes. This may be via a third party. If there is any reason that the patient would prefer this not to happen, please can they notify the Trust in writing. Find out more.