NHS Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR) Week


We are supporting Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week. The week takes place between Monday 13 and Friday 17 May, and is an opportunity to raise awareness in our Trust of our continuing commitment to equality and diversity.

Our Trust has recently published our latest Equality Report, which aims to inform the public how we are doing with our equality agenda and make sure that we retain a focus on equality issues. We are determined to continue to meet the diverse needs of our local population and to be a place where staff from all backgrounds will want to work. 

Equality and Diversity is about more than trying not to offend, or making sure you say the right thing. It’s about fairness in terms of access to employment and services – and creating an inclusive culture. It’s also about freedom from discrimination. Our equality and diversity policies and initiatives help to put these widely held values into action.

HR Director Dave Smith said: “By participating in NHS Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week, we join other organisations in shining a light on the equality agenda and the current issues and priorities facing the NHS. Having a dedicated week provides an important focal point for action.”