National Thrombosis Week highlighted at Gloucestershire Hospitals

National Thrombosis Week is being highlighted at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals between 6th and 10th May 2013.

National Thrombosis Week is an annual week-long awareness raising campaign to increase understanding about thrombosis amongst the public and to help educate the medical community about how to effectively assess the risk of someone having a thrombosis and how to investigate and treat any that occur.

All patients admitted to our hospitals or treated as day cases have a risk assessment to assess their risk of getting a blood clot. Those at high risk are treated with an anticoagulant drug. A second risk assessment is performed after 24 hours.

Dr Janet Ropner, Associate Medical Director and Clinical Lead for VTE said: “As a result of giving patients their preventative treatment we have been able to show a reduction in thrombotic events.

“Any Deep Vein Thromboses or Pulmonary Emboli that do occur are investigated to make sure that the correct treatment has been given. This is done by the team who looked after the patient so that feedback can take place.

“Recently the Department of Health has raised the target of risk assessments required to 95%. We therefore need staff in day surgery and on the wards to be sure to risk assess all patients.”

This project has been a great success and the risk assessment is now embedded throughout the organisation.