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New Farm Shop opens at GRH



Our catering team were joined by the Mayor of Gloucester and our new Chief Executive Deborah Lee on Monday 11th July to formally unveil a new farm pop-up shop and to sample some new produce at Foster’s Restaurant at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The shop will sell locally-produced foods and beverages as well as cakes, cookies, pies and tarts, as Food & Beverage Manager Simon Aquilina explains:

“We will be stocking seasonal fruit and vegetables from our supplier Total Produce.

“We live in a part of the country that is full of small, local sellers and some amazing produce and we believe the shop will help the time-strapped hospital staff, visitors who would like to give something different to those they are visiting on our wards and we would like to make our shop part of the weekly shopping routine”.

Mayor of Gloucester Councillor Neil Hampson said:

“We are fortunate in the Gloucestershire area to have the very best food and drink available locally.

“Being able to sell produce to the patients, staff and visitors within the hospital is a great idea and will benefit staff, who will be able to purchase fresh, local produce at a reasonable price without leaving the hospital. Visitors will be able to pick up some interesting gifts for their loved ones and the local companies will be able to sell their products to a whole new group of people.

“Gloucestershire Royal is one of the first hospitals to launch a farm shop and we hope that everybody gets behind it and makes it a success”.