On this day 24 hour photo


Artists will be on top of the Tower Block at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital overnight tonight and during tomorrow, to capture a 360 degree photo, taken over a 24-hour period.

To mark the ten year anniversary of the opening of the new section of the hospital, internationally-renowned artists Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer will retake a huge panoramic image which was originally created in celebration of the opening and currently runs for 24 metres along a corridor in the hospital.  

The original photo has proved so popular with patients, visitors and staff, that Bilfinger PPP Facility Management (the company that manages the new buildings) and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust decided to update and replace it.

Called “On this Day”, the new 360 degree photo is due to be taken between the afternoons of the 9th and 10th September

Leon Palmer said “The date has been carefully chosen to match the hours of daylight and the weather conditions shown in the original panorama.  So far the weather conditions look set to be good with clear visibility, sunshine and some clouds.  This combination should make for an interesting and varied sequence.”  

The new panorama, made by painstakingly splicing together hundreds of images, will replace the original one but some images of the original will be on display too so people can compare them. 

Hospital staff and members of the public are invited to contribute to the project by visiting the hospitals website and sharing their memories of this 24 hour period with their own personal thoughts and experiences of things that happened to them on the 9-10th September 2014. 

Irwin Wilson, Associate Director of Contracts and lead for the hospital arts programme, said: "Our patients and staff have really enjoyed looking at the original panorama during the past ten years, but due to wear and tear it now needs updating. It's great to welcome Anna and Leon back to our Trust and we would like to also encourage members of the public to contribute to this artwork too. We know a lot can happen in one 24-hour period in our hospital and we'd like to hear your memories so they can be captured in this special work of art."

The new photograph has been commissioned by arts and healthcare specialists Willis Newson who originally brought Heinrich & Palmer on board when they led the arts programme for the new hospital.  The new artwork is due to be installed by the end of November 2014.