Restriction of visiting on one ward at GRH

As a precautionary measure, members of the public are being asked not to visit relatives and friends on Ward 9B at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to help us to protect our patients.

A diarrhoea and vomiting illness (also known as Norovirus) that has been circulating in the wider community has impacted on these ward areas. In order to control the spread of the illness, we will be restricting visiting to these areas for a limited time.

Exceptions can be made for relatives hoping to visit on compassionate grounds. These visitors are being asked to contact the ward in advance to ask about visiting.

It is usually over within 48 hours, but may be more prolonged in elderly or debilitated patients. The visiting restrictions will be reviewed every day and lifted as soon as possible.

Advice on how to cope with diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms is available through our Combat Norovirus campaign pages. By following the advice provided, members of the public can help us stop the spread of Norovirus, protect vulnerable patients and support NHS services.

Please note that there are currently no restrictions to visiting at Cheltenham General Hospital.