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Revamped Operating Theatres re-open at Cheltenham



Two operating theatres at Cheltenham are to re-open in November. The theatres have been completely updated and revamped over the last 6 months.

The project, which cost about £1.6m, is part of a larger £5.6 million investment due to go into theatres at both Gloucester and Cheltenham over the next three years. It forms part of a wider strategy for maintaining and upgrading our theatres so that they continue to support modern surgical practices and to ensure that patients have a comfortable and positive experience when they have come to our hospitals to have surgery.

There are 30 operating theatres across our two hospitals, with more than 3,600 operations performed every month. At Cheltenham General, a £1m Urology theatre opened in 2011 and a state-of-the-art new Interventional Radiology (IR theatre) opened earlier this year.

While the project has been underway, operations have been taking place in a mobile theatre which means none of our patients were inconvenienced. As well as the theatres themselves, ancillary areas such as storage and changing areas have also been updated.

Assistant General Manager Cathryn Biston said: “We are delighted to see the project finished and re-opening to patients. It’s been no small undertaking! With the involvement of staff who work in the area, we have planned out everything to the smallest detail, right down to the type of sinks.

“The refurbishment provides 2 modern operating theatres that will help us provide a more comfortable and positive experience for patients. It also enables the hospital to be more efficient, minimise delays and maintenance costs as well as installing new operating lights, control panels and air handling systems. The other facilities upgraded provide a much improved standard of area that supports the increased throughput of patients since the new IR theatre opened earlier this year. 

“Our staff have been very positive throughout the project and everyone is pleased that everything is now finished and ready to go.”