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StepJockey arrives at the Tower Block


Have you tried the StepJockeyapp yet? The signs have now been installed on all the Tower Block staircases at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The StepJockey smart signs label each flight of stairs in the Tower for calorie burn. You simply need to download the free app for iPhone or android and get walking! StepJockey is backed by the Department of Health and was fully evaluated before launch.

Commissioning Officer Joy Turk says: “Every floor features the signs and indicates how many calories you will be burning. We are also using signs by the lifts to give people a small nudge to perhaps consider taking the stairs."

Stair climbing can have a very significant impact on an individual’s health over time. It is officially classed as a vigorous exercise and burns more calories per minute than jogging. Importantly, it is also a safe and easy activity to build into our working lives and results in health benefits that go far beyond weight loss.

As well as encouraging staff to use the app, we have been promoting it to patients and visitors through our social media channels. Louisa Ells, specialist advisor obesity to Public Health England: “Stair climbing is a great way of seamlessly building more physical activity into your everyday life."

StepJockey provides a motivational aid to encourage stair climbing that is free for everyone to use. One user at GRH says: ”Try it out! It’s really interesting how quickly your fitness starts to increase - why not start by getting out of the lift a couple of floors before you need to, and then walking the rest of the way? I'm not starting by walking up all eight floors, but now I don't get the lift until the fourth or fifth floor. It also reduces queueing at the lifts on the ground floor. "

  • Stair climbing burns about 7 times more calories than taking a lift.
  • It’s a myth that climbing stairs two at a time burns more calories.
  • More energy is expended overtime by taking things slowly.
  • Just 7 minutes stair climbing a day has been estimated to more than halve the risk of a heart attack over 10 years.

Download the app for free on the app store or play store