Volunteers Annual Reception at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Some 170 Volunteers from Gloucestershire Royal Hospital will be meeting for an Annual Reception on Thursday 31st October at 11.30am until 2.30pm at the Kings School, Gloucester.  Attendees will include, Hospital Volunteers, Members of the Department of Spiritual Care and representatives from The Friends of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH).

The awards will be presented by our Chair, Professor Clair Chilvers with the assistance of BBC Radio Gloucestershire presenter Mark Cummings.

Following a luncheon, Professor Chilvers will present medals to some 46 volunteers, for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service and who have totalled up in excess of 407 years of service between them.

The event offers volunteers quality time to meet together socially and share each other’s company whilst served with a luncheon presented by members of the catering staff of the King’s School, Gloucester.

Voluntary Services Manager Gay Limbrick said: “The event is the highlight of the volunteers’ calendar where we have the opportunity to thank and celebrate their success and show appreciation for the time, dedication and commitment they give to our patients and our hospitals.

“This year we will celebrate the contributions of two active volunteers who are in their 90th year, and highlighting the retirement of an 87 year old volunteer, following 25 years of service.

“The service given by these volunteers to departments and wards continues to thrive, and we are proud of the way our volunteers enhance our patients and visitors’ experience of our hospital”. 

Volunteers from the combined services of Hospital Volunteers and The Department of Spiritual Care, at GRH, give weekly in excess of 1,100 hours to the benefit of patients and visitors to the hospital.