Raising Awareness about Sepsis

We are raising awareness about sepsis and sharing how we are tackling sepsis at our hospitals by launching a video of one of our staff members who survived sepsis.

Raising Awareness

Dr Louise Beckham is a final year acute medical registraar who had sudden Severe Sepsis from a bruise in 2007. Louise has been involved with the UK Sepsis Trust and is working to raise awareness of the importance of early recognition, prompt treatment and recognising long-term effects including psychological problems. Watch her story here and find out more about what we are doing to tackle Sepsis at our hospitals.

UK Sepsis Trust survey

Meanwhile, the World Sepsis Day campaigners are running an international survey about problems faced by sepsis survivors. They say after surviving an acute phase of sepsis, a patient may continue to struggle with a long list of serious symptoms.The extent of these complications varies, depending on the severity of sepsis and the length of treatment in an intensive care unit and hospital. Despite the known impact, there is limited data available on the extent of problems faced by sepsis survivors. This is why - together with sepsis survivors, the UK SepsisTrust, Sepsis Alliance, Sepsis Aware, Sepsis Survivors Engagement Project, and Loma Linda University - WorldSepsis Day is fully dedicated to improving medical knowledge on the long-term effects of sepsis. Find out more about the study here.

Find out more

To get more information about the work we are doing to address sepsis at our hospitals and to read the latest guidance, visit the Patient Safety First website.