Staff excellence awards 2015

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Well done to everyone who was nominated - it's been fantastic to see so many this year!

The full list of all the nominees is here. Congratulations to all those nominated, and if you know that any of those nominated don't have access to email or the intranet, please pass the news on.

Please note that all names on the long list and those on the shortlist below have been taken straight from the nomination forms, and while we have checked these where possible, please let us know if there are any errors in the spelling of your name, so that we can correct them.

All the shortlisted candidates below will be invited to the ceremony on 12th November and will also be contacted to have their photographs taken for the awards brochure.

Health professional of the Year

Anita Ashton, Oncology
Tiffany Cairns, ED, GRH
Dr Ian Shaw, Gastroenterology

Healthcare team of the Year

Palliative Care team (both sites)
Infection Control  team (both sites)
Ophthalmology Doctors & Team

Support services ambassador

Ebrahim Moolla, Gallery Ward 1
Dean Hughes, Domestic in CGH ED       
Roisin Putland, Ward 6B
Bereavement Team, both sites

Exceptional Contribution to Quality and Patient Care

Alison Peett, Oncology
Helen Hipwood, Ward 6B
Paediatric Continence Team, Paediatrics
Leslie McLeod-Downes

Exceptional Contribution to Safety

Tiffany Cairns – ED GRH
Lee Robertson and Steve Hancock - Procurement                
Laura Macleod and Jane Benfield – Critical Care and Pharmacy

NEW!: Health Ambassador of the Year

Chris Moule - Physiotherapy
Specialist Weight Management Team
Carol McIndoe – Patient Experience

The Katherine Felix award for development in nursing

Sandra Attwood – Stroke/ Neurology/ Renal
Gastro Ward Sisters - Alison Hutt, Cath Butler and Annie Elyan
Julie Bruce-Watt – Lecturer Practitioner

NEW!: Volunteer of the Year

June Keen, Fracture Clinic
Margaret Holland – GOAM, CGH
Dave Oakey - Health Records
Roger Dobson

Special Selection!: Heroes

Mary Lee – Chemical Pathology
Chevonne Smith – Little Apples

Outstanding Clinical leader of the year

Siobhan Oldham – Nutrition & Dietetics
Sandra Attwood – Stroke/ Neurology/ Renal
Jane Benfield – Critical care

Outstanding Non-Clinical leader of the year

Amy Jeffries – Health Psychology
Leon Gardner – Diabetic Eye Screening
Lucy Blandford – Lifelong Learning

The Learning & Development award

Nick Oxlade – Clinical Skills
Victoria Stacey - ED

Apprentice of the Year

Alice Ward - Portering
Sarah Jayne Hooper - Chedworth
Maddi Thurston - HR
Josh Mitchell – GRH Orthopaedic Outpatients 

Questions? Email or call Kate CGH x3563

Date of Awards Ceremony: 12th November 2015, Hatherley Manor Hotel