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Saturday 22nd April


Sunday 23rd April


Monday 24th April

County's biggest hospitals make move on sugary drinks (Gloucestershire Live)

Search for 'high risk missing person who fled from CGH (Gloucestershire Live)

Tuesday 25th April

Multi-million pound deal sees Cheltenham College buy two regency houses from the NHS (Gloucestershire Live)

Wednesday 26th April

NHS blunders led to 4200 deaths last year (Daily Mail)

Can the public sector survive a 1% payrise? (People Management)

Thursday 27th April

Four MacMillan support workers helping deliver care throughout Gloucestershire to cancer patients (Gazette)

Anti-cuts campaign group questions parties on NHS (Stroud News & Journal)

How one person will earn up to £58,000 a year to help free up hospital beds DAILY in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live)

Benefits of bowel cancer testing (Gloucester Review)

Friday 28th April




Police are concerned for the welfare of David Bass from #Cheltenham. He was last seen at Cheltenham General Hospital (23rd April) at 9.30pm.

Maggie Arnold and Sue Field the directors of nursing for @gloshospitals @uniofglos celebrating launch of the #nursingassociate

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Showing your age: poetry and conversation 12+14 June at #cheltenham #ageing #poetry #medicineunboxed #wellcome rsvp: sam@medicineunboxed.org

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Hubby received fantastic care by over-stretched staff @gloshospitals this afternoon after coming off his motorbike. Seen and out in 3 hours.




My daughter broke her arm on holiday in western super mare had a plaster put on temporary, we then went to Cheltenham a few days after as asked to make an appointment. After X-rays they popped on another plaster this went over her elbow. They raised concerns that her arm was deformed as the bone would not straighten, another appointment was made and finallly she went to Gloucester Royal children's centre to have them straighten it. Once we arrived the Care my daughter received was outstanding, the love and care from the ward to surgery was the best. Thank you guys you are all one a million. We await another appointment in a weeks time for another X-ray, fingers crossed that naughty bone remains straight.

We we're here 22/04/2017 for my 5 year old to hve a operation on his elbow. We came in at 7:30 and was greeted by Hat (Harriet) children's inpatients who was like a breath of fresh air! She was full of character but also put our minds at rest too she made alfie feel comfortable physically and emotionally. She stayed with us for the whole day before and after theatre. After alfie came back from theatre she was there monitoring him asking how he was feeling talking to him reassuring him and us! I couldn't of asked for a better nurse yesterday! Alfies quote of the day was 'mummy I love this hospital' 💙 And that was after surgery! I think they overall experience yersterday was very scary for us as parents but looking back they did everything to reassure us! Thankyou again Hat really appreciate you your fab lots of love the jones family (hope this message reaches you)💕❤️

Thank you to the A&E staff this evening for seeing us despite being busy. Once the three hour wait was over the service was excellent.

Only negative comment is more about the receptionist who took the liberty to make a medical assessment. Clearly not her place especially that she was wrong and had we listened to her with the wrong medical advice would have made things worse instead of sorting things out. Not impressed. Glad we insisted to be seen!

I would strongly recommend she leaves this to the medical staff such as nurse practitioners, doctors and consultants who do a great job.

Gaynor Williams reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 2 star
18 hrs ·  

I have to say the staff are really nice , the the place is a maze and my mother has cancer and I had her from one place to the nxt in a wheelchair ! Then had to sit on the floor in the chemo dep as there was no where to sit , poor parking as well x

I'd say loved it but who loves hospitals. A friend fainted and hit his head, cutting it open. All the staff in A+E were excellent. They explained things clearly and made sure he understood what was happening. They didn't just think 'he's elderly so he fell'. They carried out a barrage of tests and kept him in overnight on ACUA and then cardiology 2 to keep him on a heart monitor ensuring that when he was discharge the next day his wife felt confident that not only had he had good care but that he was not going to faint again. Well done to all of you.

A very efficient and friendly staff on 2B ENT.... thank you for caring for me.

Karen Hayes reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
16 hrs ·  

My daughter very ill at the moment but the care she received from resuscitation team was amazing

Paul Wing reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
18 hrs ·  

Hi had an appointment today at the Gloucester Royal and i regard the care that​ was given to me as the very highest a big thankyou to all in the Endoscopy department thanks Paul Wing

I had to go in for an operation yesterday as a day care patient. I will point out the good first......the nurses, anaesthetic doctor, recovery nurse, Miss Massey (my specialist) registrar and all the people involved in my treatment and after care were fantastic, especially the nurse that provided me with a full meal at the end of the day!! (I was starving, having not eaten since 21:30 the night before)
The not so good....I had to be booked in at 7:30 in the morning, so obviously I was up at least a couple of hours before that, but was left hanging around for at least 5 hours before my operation. Myself and another lady that had the same operation, both thought that there was not much communication about how long we had to wait, where we were in the queue, whether husbands could sit with us on the ward while we waited ( I went to get my husband in the end to sit with me as he was worried whether I had gone down for my operation). Just seemed a bit disorganised communication wise.
Having an operation itself is stressful, so this didn't add to the stress. Maybe more communication before the operation would help instead of just leaving people to sit around for hours. 
Having said all that, I couldn't fault the aftercare. Well done to all the nurses and doctors.

Julia Kavanagh

SAT 11:08AM

Can't praise the staff on oncology enough, all work well under pressure. Unfortunately there all to busy
Alan Trigg reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
1 hr ·  

I have been to receive chemotherapy on several occasions and found everyone to be friendly and very helpful can not fault them at all

I think the staff was absolutely brilliant and looked after me from start to finish thank you all x

Helen Hunt reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
2 hrs ·  

I attended yesterday as I am under investation for a growth they found on my lung and needed a broncospy, the staff were very friendly as well as professional, couldn't do enough for you, I was nervous scared all in to one but the care I received was outstanding. People knock the nhs but what would we do without it. With limited staff and resources they surely do give the greatest care possible.

Andrew Daniel reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
1 hr ·  

Yes Facebook I absolutely "loved it", what an outstanding customer experience and first class bed and breakfast. Whilst there they even whipped out my gallbladder. 5* all round especially the staff and surgeons all the way down to the tea ladies, they could not have done enough for me.

Yasir Yaseen reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
11 hrs ·  

My experience at the GRI was brilliant. The staff at the day surgery ward were very understanding and professional. Keep u the good work GRI 
God bless you all

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Orbis International
 11 hrs ·  

"Eventually as a surgeon, and also as a trainer, my ultimate goal is to give good #patientcare and also to enhance the safety of the procedures we do as much as possible. It is essential that we train junior doctors to be able to treat patients and perform surgery, particularly in under-served areas. We can come here and do surgery and operate on patients, but what is actually more important is to train local doctors to be able to treat their own patients. Because at the end of the day, that's what will be successful for #sustainablecare for the future."

- Mr. Ahmed Sallam,Orbis Volunteer Faculty and consultant ophthalmologist at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

Photo by Geoff Oliver Bugbee

#eyehealth #JoinUs #SeeChange #surgical #simulation


I know this is a long shot but thought I'd give it a try.
I was visiting a relative in Acute ward on Monday 24th April, and during my visit managed to lose my mobile :( it has special pictures that I can't replace.
I wondered if it had been handed in at all anywhere? It's a white Samsung Galaxy s4 in a green case.

Thank you

Chelt Glos in  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

 18 hrs ·  

Despite her fear of flying the very brave nurse Carolyn will be doing a Tandem Skydive on the 25th June, to raise funds for Prescott Ward Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Maggie's Centres

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