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Hartcliffe's Ryan Pollard comes home... (Bristol Post)

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Cancer treatment delays Interview with Sean Elyan (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Patients waiting for surgery on the NHS tops 4 million... (iNews)

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Gloucestershire hospitals bus service expanded (Gazette)



Hilary Wakeham reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
9 hrs ·  

Long wait at A&E because they were so busy but the staff were amazing and the treatment was excellent!!

Absolutely fantastic. My son came with a badly broken arm, bit slow to start but once got going things started to move very fast. Had to stabilise his armbefor xrays and then next day he had to have an operation. Brilliant. Very helpful, polite and caring staff. Could not do enough for us. Every where was clean and inviting. Could not have asked for more. We're not local , so not to big up the hospital, we're ftom South Wales and it was that we were in that erea that we went to yhis hospital. Al in all 5⭐️From us

Helen O'Connor reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
11 hrs ·  

Thank you to first the three paramedics who attended and all the nurses and doctors and ward staff who were really quick to pinpoint what my illness was ,on the road to recovery now , all if whom are a credit to the NHS Thankyou ####

I am currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment and all the staff in The Worcester suite are excellent. Friendly, professional and caring. Treatment carried out very quickly and everything explained in simple terms so that there is no issue understanding what they are doing. At what is a worrying time anyway, you are immediately put at ease and don't feel like you are a burden. Great team!

Pleasant stay .staff were wonderful and kept me well informed .would be confident about having to visit there again(not for a while I hope)great staff

Over the past 11 months my sister has been to Cheltenham so many times I've lost count whether to Oncology (and many to GRH too) or for emergency admissions and also an op after Chemo & two separate Radiotherapy sessions, which enabled the first op to go through.

Plus an urgent transfer from GRH to CGH Snowshill to unblock failing kidneys. I really really thought I'd lost her then, she was so awfully poorly.

She's been on so many wards I really have lost count on these too, ...

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Fantastic staff, working under great pressure. �NHS

Shocking , my 3 year old broke his leg , screaming in pain , took them
A hour to see us, 1st doctor came in took details then left, didn't talk to my son or try comfort him, then a lovely male doctor came in talking and cheering up my boy gave him son morphone played a game with him, then sent us straight to X-ray, when we came back from X-ray a different ladies doctor came in and said yes it's broke well plaster him up and then u can go, and walked back out the room, no acknowledgment of my child led there , shortly after my son wet himself , didn't have spare clothes with me so went to desk and asked her and she looked at me like what shall I do, and then said we can get him a gown but I needed help getting his clothes off as his leg broke?? Then 25 minutes later a male doctor came and brang his gown and I got him cleaned up and changed on my own with great difficulty and my son screamed. Then this female doctor returned , and said we needed to stay in over night for concerns of how he broke his leg , so which to my reply was ask my son yourself how this happened (running round a van leg got caught on rope) made me feel super anxious and wanting to get the hell out of there with my son , then another man came and plastered his leg and then we were sent home straight away, not even a sticker for my brave boy, yet other children had recieved certificates for a little bump on the head needing know pain relief or anything , I feel like they failed my son, and now he's still here poorly as heck screaming in pain as they said all he could have is calpol , absolute JOKE

Been here 6 days (admitted from A&E)
I am on ward 2b.....I can not fault the staff....nurses, domestics, hca's.....they have been amazing!! Sadly I do have a down point.....the menu......Due to health reasons I am on a fat free diet. Not alot of fat free options!! All in all a very positive experience!!

Tasha Bradley reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
8 hrs ·  

Had a visit to A&E after my 5 year old fell and broke his elbow. Faultless, every member of staff introduced them self and went out of their way to reassure and comfort him. He quickly received pain relief and we were all talked through the process one step at a time. Special mention to Lisa and Gemma who went out of their way to inform my little boy of what was going on and make him feel involved. The NHS at it's best.

Andrea Evans reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
14 hrs ·  

Went in for an operation yesterday, all the staff on the surgical admissions suite, theatre, recovery and ward 9a were amazing - was very well looked after and made to feel very at ease, thank you xx

Carol Smith reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
15 hrs ·  

The staff are always friendly, looking after my daughter during treatments
A massive thank you and we're only half way through.
Keep up the good work x

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Published by Sarah Brown ·  August 11 at 4:05pm ·  

We would like to thank everyone who joined us today to formally launch our new 99 shuttlebus service and to our Catering team who made a beautiful cake to mark the occasion.

Our Chair Peter Lachecki was joined in the Atrium at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's Main entrance by Kathryn and Andrew Pulham and family, their business manager Sue Gregory, our Director of Estates and Facilities Neil Jackson, project manager Lynsey Hitchings and lots of other staff who have been involved in this project - see pictures!

We were also joined by staff, patients and visitors who were keen to get on board to see our new low-emission bus ahead of the start of the service on Monday 14th August.

We are proud to work with local family company Pulham’s Coaches to provide the 99 shuttlebus service which will serve Gloucester City Centre, a new Park & Ride stop in Cheltenham as well as stops in Cheltenham Town Centre.

The aim of incorporating these new stops to the service is to enable staff and patients from all over the county to easily connect with existing local bus and Park & Ride services (including Cheltenham Racecourse routes D and E which run every 8-10 minutes) into the town centres.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!

More info here:

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