August Week 2

Saturday 8th August

Healthcare I had was excellent (Citizen) p10

positive patient experience of a lady who received treatment in Gloucester following a fall. Reader says: "From the excellence of the surgeon to the dedication of the nurses, orderlies and cleaners, my care was superb. The food was first class and the hygiene excellent. I hope you will publish this letter so that all concerned know how much their efforts were appreciated."

Sunday 9th August


Monday 10th August


Tuesday 11th August


Wednesday 12th August

Walk and raise cash (Citizen & Echo) p20

Short news item raising awareness about the Walk for Wards Event for our Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity

Infection rates fall  in hospitals (Echo & Citizen) p15

Thursday 13th August

Kingsholm couple to give something back to the charity which helped after their son was stillborn (Citizen) 

A couple raises money for a charity which hlps to refurbish bereavement rooms in hospitals like GRH

Friday 14th August


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