December Week 1

Saturday 29th November

Echo's Week in pictures (Gloucestershire Echo) p22

Photos of strike action outside GRH

Emma reveals why she went into nursing (Citizen) p25

Positive interview with trainee nurses regarding nurse recruitment following open days at Gloucester Docks

Hospital staff work to cut ulcer count (Citizen) p23

Short news item lifted from our staff magazine Outline regarding our safety work to reduce pressure ulcers. Quote used from Deputy Nursing Director Paul Garrett.


Sunday 30th November


Monday 1st December


Tuesday 2nd December

Age of Apprentice campaign backed by Gloucester MP (Citizen/ Echo) 

MP Richard Graham tells the local papers we have 89 apprentices in our hospitals. 

Wednesday 3rd December

GPs are on their knees - something must change quickly (The Guardian) 

Positive GRH patient letter in support of our staff and of her experience in our hospital.

Our Birth Units (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Dawn Morrall gave positive interview about our maternity provision on the Mark Cummings Show

Thursday 4th November

Bed blockers piling on the pressure as hospital chief hits out at 'ineffective' Gloucestershire Services (Citizen) p2

Article follows discussion at Board and press release. Negative response from Dorcas Binns, Cabinet Member for older people. 

Hard copy of story: Call for crisis talks to clear the backlog of hospital bed blockers

See also: Fit patients left in hospital beds 'being let down' (Echo)

as above

See also: Editorial comment: Joint approach for bed-blockers (Echo)

Supportive comment calling for more effective joined up working 

Four wards full of medically fit people (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

As above, Our Chief Executive took part in a pre-recorded interview. Live response from Care Services.

See also: Gloucestershire Hospital Chief blames bed blocking on Care Services

BBC online news summary of the above

Nurses struggling to park at hospital (Citizen) p9

Negative article suggests that visitors are being given priority over nurses when it comes to parking at GRH. includes a comment from Hospital spokesman as issued by the Communications Team.

Friday 5th December

Bed blocking follow up discussion (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Presenter Mark Cummings refers to the story as 'Health Chief at each other's throats'. Listener feedback and discussion with a regional BBC Health Correspondent later in programme. Audio available for six days following broadcast. The health correspondent describes the issue as 'a bun-fight over budgets'. Said they would be following up on this story over the next few weeks.

Extraordinary meeting set to discuss Gloucestershire's bed blocking crisis (Citizen)

Follow up article featuring comment from Margaret Willcox, commissioning director for adult services at the council

Hard copy heading for above story: 'Root and branch' probe into bed blocking patient problem (Citizen)

Bed-blocking row after health chief criticises system (Echo)

Shorter version of above

NHS Hospital opens £3.1m carbon saving energy centre (Click Green)

Positive article featuring a photograph taken on the day of the formal launch at CGH.




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From the bottom of my heart, thank you @gloshospitals for the fantastic care & treatment. All your staff in CGH & oncology are wonderful

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Hello my name is Jamie, I am a leadership & od specialist at @gloshospitals #hellomynameis #NHS

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Idea for Change conference #THFsafety @gloshospitals Jeremy Hunt talking safety

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We were delighted to attend the opening of Cheltenham General's new £3.1m energy centre. If you'd like to know more:


If you do need to access emergency care, check our live waiting times across the county:



See Pharmacy Health Page in @GlosCitizen last week? Check it out-pharmacists can give expert advice, no appointment!

We're supporting a #TissueViability study day at the Redwood Education Centre @gloshospitals today. #PressureUlcers

We had a great day on Friday at the official opening of @gloshospitals £3.1 million energy centre. #lowcarbon


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"An excellent idea, & as a single mum who only had time to grab a few bits, this was a lovely gift & activity" parent


@gloshospitals Remember someone special with a virtual star on our Xmas tree for #WUAS & #GivingTuesday: Please RT

Now hearing from Neil Borley, consultant colorectal surgeon and cancer clinical lead @gloshospitals #beyondcancer

Thanks to the midwives & MCAs at Glos Royal & Chelt General for looking after #MrsL @LouPro85 & the birth of #BabyArthur @gloshospitals

Did your doctor or nurse say #hellomynameis today?

If you visit Cheltenham Hospital in December, please do stop and write a star to a loved one in main reception area. Donation to @L_I_N_C


Hello, my name is Andrew and I am the Director of Safety at @gloshospitals. #hellomynameis #NHS

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Website feedback

ms carol morse


Dad - Mr Reginald Morse was admitted to Glos Royal on Tues 25/11/2014 and is now on the Gallery Ward. I would like to bring to your attention that he has mentioned that the hot food is not hot at all, its cold and very unappealing.I can quite clearly see that many patients on this wing are simply not with it(I don't mean to sound disrespectful), he also fancied some toast for breakfast, yesterday 28/11/2014 and this turned up, burnt to a crisp and no butter to spread on. To be honest, animals don't mind what they are fed, but we are dealing with human beings here. Would it be too much ask, for hot food ?

Janet Ross

Colonoscopy cheltenham general

Thank you to the staff in the endoscopy unit today for being so professional, efficient, helpful, and friendly. They were very supportive during the colonoscopy which helped to make it a relaxed procedure. I am very glad I didn't have any sedation - most of it was quite comfortable, and the pain due to the looping was acceptable. Overall more comfortable than I expected. I wonder if sedation should be an opt in rather than an opt out - my husband had a colonoscopy last month and would have accepted sedation as that seemed to be expected, but when I gave him the info from the research I did he opted not to have sedation and was very glad as he also found the procedure fine. I know some people will always want sedation but suspect many accept sedation because it says they will be sedated in the appt letter - just as my husband would have done. Just a thought. Thanks again for such a well run unit.

Roy Strawford


Dear Sir/Madam After recent heart and pneumonia problems I was admitted to the ACUC ward in Cheltenham General. I must tell you, and hope you pass my comments on to the relevant staff, that I found the staff including nurses, specialists and domestics absolutely amazing. The ward was spotlessly clean, the food was fantastic (and I thought I ate well at home!) and my Consultant Dr Hauser was indeed very special. Hope you will let the staff know how impressed I am with their hard work and brilliant care. Many thanks. Roy Strawford 20 Eynon Close, Leckhampton, Cheltenham GL53 0QA


Pamela Swindell

Praise for imaging dept at GRH

I have recently had 2 visits to Imaging 1 at GRH for an MRI and for bone density. I want to express my thanks to the staff. All of them, both clerical and clinical, were kind, helpful, friendly and efficient. We hear so much bad news about the NHS that I felt praise was due.


Peter Senior

I must confess I wasn't going to bother but I just can't let this go.... 1) Cleanliness - you have so much work to do. I was in SR5 on 4b from 13 - 17 Nov. I was admitted with rampant diarrhoea. The toilet was cleaned ONCE in 4 days, on sheet changed once, blanket and pillowcases never changed. Is that the standard? 2) On Saturday (I think) a gadgee appeared with a wheelchair. "You have to have an X-ray". I said the staff hadn't mentioned it but off we went. Got back about 45 minutes later when I was met by my nominated Nurse. Her reaction? "Where HAVE you been? We thought you'd done a runner". I said "But surely as a member of the Team responsible for managing my condition you are totally aware where I've been?". She smiled!!!!! Issue doesn't say a lot about your management/communication does it? Especially on a Ward identified by you as having "Wandering Patients". You put the sign on the door! 3) I saw my Consultant on Friday afternoon. He said all tests were back and everything was clear. I queried stool cultures as I expected them to take around three days. He said "No. we have everything back". AFTER discharge on Monday I received a phone call at home to be told that Campylobacter had been detected in my stool culture!!!! So much for Consultants opinion!!!! 4) Arguing with a Nurse because I refused to take my BP meds. But I only did this on the advice of the Consultant as my BP was so low that meds were effectively redundant (a week later I still haven't resumed meds - but I check my BP). Communication again? 5) Not one of the Consultants team stuck their head round the door over the weekend to ask how I was progressing. 6) After one "event" I requested an Oraql Rehydration Powder (as indicated in my meds list in my folder). The Nurse said "No, they haven't been prescribed" I said "They have, look in my folder" (such a shame when Patients can read!) She had to go and talk to Sister who spoke with the Pharmacy. Just after this I saw my Consultant. I raised te issue with him nd he said "You on a drip, no need for ORP's". I did ask if that was the case then why was there the entry in my meds list? He just wouldn't answer. He left and Nurse appeared with a box of ORP's!!! I told her no need! Part of the problem seemed to be that the onus was on the Patient to initiate treatment and, unless Staff read the file very carefully, they wouldn't necessarily be aware of the guidance. Just a Comms disaster this one! 7) Do you seriously call what you offer in the morning "Breakfast"? And it really would be nice to get a cup of coffee at the same time as my toast! (not half an hour later!). That pretty well sums it up. Not a positive experience. In the past I spent some time assessing management systems. The evidence I have to hand would suggest you might utterly fail any such assessment. I welcome your comments. Regards Peter Senior


Pauline Woodward

Day surgery feedback


I visited Oakley Ward with my son who attended as a day case last week. I am writing to congratulate the staff for their professional attention. I have worked in the NHS for most of my working life latterly as a hospital Matron and I was impressed by the organisation and care given. My son was absolutely petrified of the procedure due to a history of many hospital stays when he was young and all the staff were brilliant at helping to allay his fears. I cannot fault the experience. So.... thank you all very much! Kind regards Pauline Woodward



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