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Family left scared for safety of elderly woman... (Gloucestershire Live)

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Driving savings in procurement (NHE)

NHS bosses allay fears over new system after some nurses claim they have not been paid (Gloucestershire Live)

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Curt Jones reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 1 star
15 hrs ·  

Had a nose bleed , started at 8:30 couldn't stop it went to Gloucester royal at 1ish kept me there till it stopped i really needed it cortorized but instead they give me a date to come back .which i could of done through my gp i got out of the hospital at 5 :30 pm not happy at all when i know my nose could go anytime. Total waste of time in my opinion no organisation to think i pay for nhs is a joke .better off going private .currently looking into bupa

I think people need to respect the nhs a little more, this is an organisation is being squeezed every month to fail, by our government to force it to become a private company so people at the top can line there pockets, also to remind, you the people that this is a free service, we need to stop complaints has this is what they want, us to do complain, yet they won't inject money into to save it and yet we pay more taxes and ni payments for theses services. I don't think our ni and taxes will go down if and when this goes private..... yet where will we find the money to take out insurance for when it does and God forbid you have a pre medical conditions and you have to pay to see your doctor and dentist etc etc, We need to force our government to plow the money back into the nhs and make it good again before its to late.

Call me biased if you want as I did work as a nurse in the past on wards 18 and 21 but now having several health problems I find the care I've been given has been excellent by every department I'm involved with

I've had issues with my back for about three years, disc herniation and just awkward most days. I injured it again two days ago and called my GP, had a checkup and sent to Gloucester royal with instructions to have my spine X-rayd and looked at. Hours of waiting and in pain as I must alternate between standing and sitting as either way is uncomfortable .... finally go through the conveyor belt only to be seen by a gentleman who ignored the request for X-rays.... overlooked everything I said and simply gave me a anal tone examination.... yes he stuck his finger up my bum to test my nerve responses etc.... sent me home with no pain medication and said to keep it moving. I still can't get in and out of bed by myself.... it feels like my top and bottom half of my body is not quite happy together on a very specific spot on my lower spine... I can't lean forward or backwards or move it out of line as my back burns like fire and all the muscles around the area pulls .... spasms and I can't do anything about it.

My pulse was good... in case I did not mention it earlier..... I was good to go home. ☹️

Been there a few times for ENT, the check in clerks could on occasions raise a smile , however in general the team is excellent

First time in this hospital. Very efficient. Within 5 mins I had bloods drawn in the Edward J building. The phlebotomist was fab, didn't feel much at all. Very pleasant lady then I went to cardiology to have my BP monitor fitted. Again quick polite service. 10/10. Job well done. Thanks for everything.

If you're a first time visitor be prepared to get lost. But most of the staff were fab. Phlebotomist blamed my friend for not drinking anything before the blood test and was quite rude after we waited an hour for the test as they were majorly delayed.

Had my Pre op assessment appointment at 10am yesterday morning. All nursing staff were polite, helpful and effecient. I also was called through bang on time. Treated with respect and kindness. Couldn't ask for more. Thankyou.

Gethin Lewis reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
3 hrs ·  

Was admitted the hospital on Monday 6 February for on operation to remove one of my kidneys. 
I was admitted on time, my operation was on time. 
The staff at both Kemerton Suite and later Bibury Ward were exceptional in every way. 
I have no complaints at all about the food.
Thank fully I am now at home recovering.
Did other people go to a different hospital to me??
All I can say is THANK YOU for all you did for me and my family during my stay at your hospital, keep up the good work.
Why do we always want to knock the NHS, the Doctors and Nurses at the "coal face" are excellent.

Really good staff helped anyway they could the new wing for for the eye clinic is very clean

Debra Attwood reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
1 hr ·  

I had a appointment at the chadworth suite the staff where friendly and informative

To all doctors, nurses and staff in A & E and the cardiac units a massive thank you for the amazing care shown to my husband Peter following his heart attack on Sunday. I would have lost a wonderful husband without you all.

Tony Howells reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
7 hrs ·  

Gloucester royal hospital 5* all the way they bent over backwards for my son when he was poorly and they work some serious long hours I take my hat off to them

Dawn Collinge reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
15 hrs ·  

from the admissions suit to the fab care from 1st floor 3a ward staff ALL.... ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. THE CARE THE STAFF BRILLIANT XXXX

I am a regular at the hospital always treated with respect ,sometimes the doctors are running late so not always seen on time,but overall very good treatment.

Wahoo Kayak reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
21 hrs ·  

We have been to the Oncology department probably 20 times over the past six months, and only have praise for the staff, within this department, yes ok you may have to wait, past your scheduled time, but when you see how busy the staff are, it's time for praise, not negative comments that I would hear sometimes.
Ten out of ten as far as I am concerned


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