January Week 1

Saturday 2nd January

Unusually quiet start to a year for county's midwives (Citizen) p7

Full page photo story with photos of new babies and their parents at GRH and Stroud, with quote from our lead Midwife Eirlys Meadows.

Sunday 3rd January


Monday 4th January

People in the news (Citizen) p23

Photos including one taken at Stroud Maternity Unit

Baby James is best way for couple to welcome in New Year (Citizen) p33

Short, positive photo story

We salute staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (Citizen) 

Using an old picture gallery of photos the paper has taken at our hospitals over the year.

Tuesday 5th January

Junior doctors will go on strike as talks fail (Echo & Citizen) p23

News story features comment from a Trust spokesman.

Wednesday 6th January

Long waits for patients at GRH A&E this morning (Citizen) 

Short article based on our A&E waiting times pages.

'Very busy' NHS in Gloucestershire reveals new plans to cope with winter pressures (Echo) 

As above and below

Thursday 7th January

Air Ambulance attends more local jobs... (Bath Echo, Glos Echo, Citizen) p23

Article regarding the air ambulance service

Emergency patients at CGH waiting over an hour to be seen (Echo) 

An update on the waiting times at CGH - 78 minutes. It does however flag up alternative treatment options.

Waiting times soar at GRH (Citizen) p1&2

Article reports that patients have been waiting up to five and a half hours at GRH for treatment at A&E - features our statement and alternative options following a community-wide press release issued by the CCG.

My hospital care was wonderful (Echo) p10

Positive patient experience of care on Snowshill Ward, CGH.

Friday 8th January

Choir takes Cathedral promise (Citizen) p13

News item looking about a fundraiser for Hope for Tomorrow - refers to Dr Sean Elyan.

Opportunities vital to whole generation (Echo/ Citizen) p14&15

The launch of the paper's apprenticeship campaign, with photo of last years winners, including our staff.


Pregnant? You can watch virtual tour videos of all our fantastic maternity facilities here: bit.ly/1FzXVjT pic.twitter.com/dAm5CcTb2c

Media preview

Kick off 2016 with a resolution that's good for your health. Teamwork will help you achieve your goal. #quitsmoking pic.twitter.com/TVC7BYqlvl

Our fantastic Midwives are taking on @theforestofdean Triathlon, fundraising for Maternity: bit.ly/1PFVuzW pic.twitter.com/dWB8hTz25A

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The county's hospitals are experiencing high levels of demand. This afternoon, the wait for A&E at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital was more than 5 hours long.
A Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said they expect high demand at this time of year and urged people to use alternative health services, including Minor Injury units at Community Hospitals and pharmacies.


Pauline Day Spare a thought for the nurses who very hard long hours and get called in on time out l have a granddaughter that works very hard to keep waiting times down so please don't go if you can go to a chemist or gp nan
Lynton Bolton Why do people always blame immigrants ?? It's down to muppets going there for non urgent treatments and from bed stacking because there is not enough home care services. It amazes me just how ill informed and blatantly anti outsiders some have become, it's almost racist. Try watching the TVs less and taking note regarding the cuts and lack of services!!
Marvet Rey Having just finished a placement on A&E in gloucester I can honestly say that the staff are amazing & work so hard & don't get the credit they deserve. If people used A&E correctly & only used it for real life emergencies instead of using because they can't get in to see their GP - perhaps the wait to be seen wouldn't be so long!!
Charlotte Jones The more immigrants that come to Britain the worse it will get. The hospital is still the same size but numbers using it are growing everyday year! They can't cope.
Karen Parke Tewkesbury hospital refused to even look at my 18month grandson. He's bleeding from his ear, what do you expect us to do about It? Were their words. Er, your job, please. The hospitals are a joke since the tories took over.
Carl Williams How many were real emergencies, and how many turn up because they can't get a doctors appointment
Kelly-Anne Jenner I agree with Rachel especially as Cheltenham a&e has changed their intake it's bound to have a negative effect on Gloucester. It's very sad what's happening to the nhs and it's always the hard working nurses and doctors who are first to get blamed! Keep up the hard work guys and girls there are people out there who do appreciate you
Neil Hopwood Why don't more people use the walk in centre in eastgate St? I've used them couple of times, same day appoinments, excellent doctors.
Glenn Redwood Work pressures on staff are ridiculous. Cutbacks in staff numbers with increasing loads. It will break shortly
Denise van Gils The nurse and doctors do there best they are over werk and under payed
Wendy Stoves Fully understand. Minir injurys units haven't the facilities or Doctors and make mistakes!!!!
Rachel Large I'll pop down the pharmacy with my broken leg. I'm sure they will be able to sort me out a treat  🏻
Sue Coates I absolutely understand the fantastic work that A&E do in very difficult circumstances but if more assistance was available in the community they would be under less pressure.
Val Woolger Silly season over - accidents shoul lessen ??
Lucymay Shuttleworth Bull, maybe if your people in training actually did there job then many of us would be able to help by working but o yea you stopped us right before Christmas!!
Di Pierce Looks like you're going to be busy next week Ellie Hughes xx



Rachel Slater Thing is u go to other ae and u just get sent to glos hospital
Rachel Slater Thing is u got other ae departments but thay never deal with u just send u to glos hospital
Rachel Heigham Mine was a 7 hour wait last Wednesday ....  
Marnie Bell It's just for emergencies.