January 2017 Week 1

Saturday 31st December


Sunday 1st January

Mum welcomes in nappy New Year... (Gloucestershire Live)

Firefighters rescue couple from lift who have first Gloucestershire Hospital baby of 2017 (Gloucestershire Live)

Monday 2nd January


Tuesday 3rd January


Wednesday 4th January

Goodrich midwife helps to deliver her first grandchild on New Year's Day (Ross Gazette)

Do you remember your first dispensing error? (Chemistanddruggist.co.uk)


Thursday 5th January

MP Alex Chalk campaigns for major investment in CGH cancer facilities (Gloucestershire Live)

Leominster friends raise more than £8k for cancer ward (Hereford Times)

NHS Trust denies car park profiteering (Gloucester Review)

Friday 6th January

He did go to Specsavers... (Gloucestershire Live)


Hospital birthdays can be fun! Thank you Cheltenham hospital nurses!

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We're being urged to stay away from Gloucestershire's two A&E departments. @gloshospitals say they're extremely busy today #HeartNews

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Look out for The Breast Cancer Appeal Cupcake Challenge@pantry_janes @Colour_Connect @gloshospitals #cupcakes #charity #makingadifference

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Gloucester hospital is the worst for communication I've ever seen in my life

RT Disgusting. Someone just smashed up three A&E night workers cars, road outside Gloucester hospital. Please catch them @Glos_Police. 😡

Back to Gloucester Hospital

I live 10 mins walk from #Gloucester Royal Hospital but being offered appointments at hospitals 35mins to 1 hrs drive away! #NHS #meltdown


@MarkWallaceGlos tell me about it Mark. Have found appt waiting times increasing rapidly, I'm getting my 4 week check 12 weeks post op


@iona_lenno its getting silly. Was told next appt was at Stow! Had to refuse as wont be able to drive afterwards


@MarkWallaceGlos was told to ring on Tues for an app, tried for 4 hrs solid, no answerphone then told they aren't booking clinics


@iona_lenno I suspect this is commonplace but people are not complaining


@MarkWallaceGlos at GRH at the moment and they are trying to get people into the community hospitals instead


@iona_lenno fine except for those who don't drive or cant arrange a lift!


@MarkWallaceGlos my point to them exactly, like you I wouldn't be able to drive after my appointment!


@iona_lenno and if there are so many free appts at community hospitals maybe the Consultants should spend less time there !


@MarkWallaceGlos can't get an appointment with doc. Asked to call back on 6 weeks-or make emergency appt. why would I deprive a true em?


@SarahH_68 all too common. A real worry as in 6 wks a prob could become serious


Chris Randall reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 1 star
19 hrs ·  

Wife broke her wrist Christmas eve she went to A&E boxing day as she didn't wonna waste there time but we changed her mind about going as she was in lots of pain. They plastered her wrist after waiting four hours to be seen. She was given a follow-up appointment for the 2nd January at 12pm. We get there at 11.45am checked in at the desk and sit in the waiting room. At 1pm we noticed staff leaving and going home. We went to the desk to be told that everyone in that department had finished and gone home for the day. So even though we had checked in at reception and was told by the lady to take a seat they basically forgot about jemma. They called a matron down from the ward and she basically said that there was no one there to plaster jems wrist and give her a sick note for work. She said to come back the following day sit in a waiting room and wait for hours to be seen. We pay national insurance to pay for NHS treatment and this is how the NHS treat there patients. So now I wonder why there always going on strike!!

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Published by Sarah Brown · 22 hrs ·  

Are you aged 14-18 and interested in a career in NHS Allied Health Professions and the Healthcare Sciences or know someone who is?

Join us at our interactive Careers Fair, at Sandford Education Centre, Cheltenham on Saturday 28th January from 10.30am until 1pm.

Aimed specifically at young people, the Careers Fair provides an opportunity to find out more about Allied Health Professions and Healthcare Sciences in our hospitals. There will be presentations from the represented professions, with tours available, and informal sessions to ask questions and find out more.

To book a place, register at: bit.ly/2izqXvi or contact Gemma Holford at gemma.holford@glos.nhs.uk

Debbie Manley reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
15 hrs ·  

Thank you so much to all staff, nurses, doctors, porters (everyone) on Acute, Critical Care and Knightsbridge Wards for the care shown to my dad (Dave Warr) who was admitted on Christmas Day and who was initially so ill, we very nearly lost him. I cannot fault anyone who was involved with his 'stay' in hospital for 10 days over the Christmas and New Year break. My only gripe is that the Pharmacy was shut so he could not be given medicine initially, until it opened after the Christmas break! That, I find, ludicrous - a Pharmacy in a Hospital should be open 24/7 365 days a year - but then again what do you expect from a government who seems hell bent on running the NHS into the ground so it can be privatised. That said, a very big thank you to everyone. We would have lost him, if it wasn't for you. But instead we have him home again.

Was rushed in 5 days ago, New Years Eve! All staff from A & E through to the Wards were great and i am so grateful for all their care. Big thank you day surgery ward staff who are run off their feet but really made the effort to be helpful, kind and caring!

Toni Lorraine reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
2 hrs ·  

My daughter is on the pediatric ward and they have been amazing! With ongoing health problems we have really fought to get sorted, within hours of being admitted they had massively improved her condition. 
However the out of hours doctor was horrific, tried to send my baby dehydrated, no wet nappies all day, constant diarrhoea (due to the wrong milk being prescribed) and suffering bronchitis home with the diagnosis of a 'stomach bug'. Had I not stood my ground and had her seen by someone else, she could have ended up seriously poorly or worse! She'd have come back in an ambulance. 
So amazing pediatrics team, rubbish out of hours team!

Toni Collier reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 1 star
14 hrs ·  

Outpatients with my mum we arrived 25 past 10am readyfor 1p:30 appointment, after trekking through corridors- what happened to using colour or symbols to make easy navigation?
A sign told us to wait until called to the super high reception like a friggin low end restaurant. No eye contact when name given no verbal explanation for a 50 minute running late of the two Dr. We waited patiently for 1 hour before asking reception if it would be much longer only one be told shed check and update which she did by adding a further 20 minutes to the 50 already there on the screen.
Noted while waiting - posters on the reception desk not only tatters but fruitless as people stand in front of them while having a discussion with the non eye contacted reception unless it was NHS staff I'm unsure if this was because they were worried about patients response or they were embarrassed ashamed or just Damn right rude = complacent perhaps or resigned to the daily delays.
As expected once I left my mother to get her a drink and a sandwich- we've been waiting almost 2 hours she as called in, the Dr was lovely apologised sincerely which is more than can be said for the stressed and defeated nurses who also struggled with eye contact when calling patients names.
In just 4 minutes the Dr explained my mother's problem with her fingers from the X-ray results, it will heal on Ltd own - good,will take sometime - too be expected and finally a splint needs to be put back on to immobilise the finger - okay.
So back into the waiting room for a further 20 minutes, only to be told in the waiting room for all to hear the splint has to be specially made (clever aclever as no measurements or sizing was done) and she would need to return on Friday either Gloucester or Stroud. They would call and confirm. 
Which they did later that day, has to be Gloucester as Stroud can't give an appointment until next week. 
Lots of walking to and fro of nurses but nothing constructive I could tell. A lot of passing files to reception then disappearance into a room for a further 10 minutes before wearingly emerging to call next patient. We overheard nurses then telling patients they had to go for another Xray. After waiting almost 2 hours doing nothing but wait seemed rather Insulting.
No magazine especially or TV screens to keep you distracted by time.
Nurses and reception staff looked and came across stressed deflated and complacent.
There didn't appear any process or procedures in place and certainly no verbal communication and what written communication was there was was displayed on a reception desk with people blocking it when it was visible it was too far away to read from he seated arrive he incorrect height color and font. Some out of date information and or irrelevant and note at view from all waiting area so pointless tatty as a cheap chip shop window nd relied on the assumption that everyone could see and could read. Therefore no verbal communication required.


Paul Wilkins reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
2 hrs ·  

I've been under the care of Dr Tom Pickett and the Renal Team at GRH for the three years. Today I was 'signed off' as recovered. I'd like to publicly thank Dr Pickett and all his team on 7B for their care and attention, without which I doubt I'd still be alive. Thank you to our excellent NHS.




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