January 2017 Week 2

Saturday 7th December


Sunday 8th January


Monday 9th January

Anna King show Cateract Operations interview (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

I'm having a baby - Hayden from Gloucester Becomes UK's first pregnant man (Gloucestershire Live)

Tuesday 10th January


Wednesday 11th January

Anna King show Living with and beyond cancer (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

'Best community x-ray in county' (Forest & Wye Valley Review)

Thursday 12th January

Anna King show Stroke (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Chance to find out more about a career in medical science (Gloucester Review)

Friday 13th January

Ambulance crews ... refused to take him to Cheltenham A&E (Gloucestershire Live)


@annakingradio @gloshospitals My father in law have had both eyes done, made big difference for him

Hear a cataract operation unfold after 9 - fascinating. 4500 ops a year in Glos.Had one? What difference did it make to you? @gloshospitals

Have you had cataract surgery? @annakingradio follows an op at Cheltenham General Hospital @gloshospitals after 9.

@annakingradio @BBCGlos @gloshospitals I'm 53... Had 2 a few years ago... Absolutely amazing...

Big big thank you to Gloucester Royal Hospital today for fixing my grandson Wills 👍 top job superb care # NHS at its best , respect.

We're holding an Open Day for newly-qualified nurses on Feb 16 at GRH, 10am-2pm. Email recruitment.hospitalstrust@glos.nhs.uk to register




Michelle Wood reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
22 hrs ·  

Fantastic 5star treatment from all staff. No waiting , straight in , x rayed, and straight back out. This hospital really is a credit to the NHS. Drs and staff very efficient and no stress. All under control - great to see 
Keep up the good work �

Great nurses and staff, made a bad day better.
Just waiting for my next appointment now.

On behalf my grandad, he was taken to hospital new year day and the staff were Great it was very busy but we were seen as soon as they could. The staff on 8b were absolutely outstanding and the medication my grandad was given really worked A treat. Couldnt Be more happy with the care he recieved. So thank You very much and hes recovering really well.
Percy Hardiman x

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the staff on Ward 9b over the Christmas/New Year period whilst looking after our Great Auntie in Room 2. With care and respect, they lovingly looked after her and our family during her final days. You are an absolute credit to our county hospital and the NHS as a whole - thank you from all of us.

Having just spent the past 3 days in Gloucester Royal Hospital with Influenza A, I cannot believe how professional and dedicate the staff are, despite the current climate and issues effecting the trust. From A&E to those working on Ward 4a the care has been, as the CQC would say, Good. Why not Outstanding? We I have been in isolation for my stay, for obvious reasons, and sometime I felt I had been forgotten. Once buzzed, the staff came quickly. The treatment was Outstanding, I was treated for both Influenza and Viral Meningitis while we waited for the test results meaning I was already being treated no matter the result. So why not 5 stars? Well, the room I was in on 4a was Poor. There are holes in the paintwork and blood spots on the plaster. There is no TV on the wall making it very boring when your in isolation. The shower is no more than a trickle. The rooms were not very clean and when the cleaner did come round, she tickled the floor, I know she didn't do a good job as some biscuit crumbs my kids dropped are still on the floor now. She used the same cloth she wiped the bins with to wipe the sink and then the paper towel holder. I know money is tight, but a little spent on making the facilities better wouldn't go amiss. The final gripe that the cleaner kept leaving the door open, which when your in isolation is a no no but what makes it worse is when you have had 8 lumber punctures is getting out of bed to close the door to try and prevent spreading the infection. Overall, from a medical point of view, I could not have been in safer hands and feel blessed we have the NHS, however, a little work to do with Facilities.

Fast efficient and professional service



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