January 2017 Week 4

Saturday 20th December


Sunday 21st January


Monday 23rd January

Christine Mills Hope for Tomorrow interview (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Tuesday 24th January

Some people really need A&E, do you? asks NHS campaign in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live)

Wednesday 25th January

How to keep your kids healthy after Gloucestershire school closure (Gloucestershire Live)

Lady Bathurst talks about her year of trumph and turmoil... (Wilts & Glos Std)

Thursday 26th January

Coroner rules that Jean Badham's death after fall from bed was a tragic accident (Gloucestershire Live)

Friday 27th January

Interactive map reveals extent of NHS 'crisis' in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live)

Woman loses half her weight at GRH as family fight for basic care (Gloucestershire Live)


@gloshospitals Sincere thanks to all staff on Ward 5a at Glos Hosp who looked after my Mum with top class care until she passed away tonight


Very excited to be @ClarksonEvans staff charity of the year & looking forward to working with their amazing team to support @gloshospitals

We're looking forward to boosting the coffers of @CGHospCharity our fantastic staff #charity of the year 2017


I just want to thank Cheltenham A&E staff and the nurses and doctors in bibury ward for the way i was treated nothing was to much too ask a real credit to the NHS when we here so much bad news in the press. Please pass this on i was operated on at 12.30am Saturday morning my name is nigel collins


People Who rate OUR NHS anything less than 5* need to reevaluate just where they are, our NHS is the envy of the world!!! We are so lucky to have this service! The commitment and dedication of the staff - on every level is both requisite as well as conscientious.

Gloucester Royal Hospital is a FLAGSHIP of care excellence - if your scoring OUR NHS anything less that 5* SHAME on you!!

PLEASE do go abroad and experience the contrast.... we just don't know how lucky we are!!!

Veronica Josephine Hext reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 1 star
4 hrs ·  

3 weeks so far of one problem after another, scary!

Celia Amodeo reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
17 hrs ·  

Wonderful staff, super friendly, polite and professional even in very difficult situations. God bless the NHS.

Ricki Meades reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
2 hrs ·  

Amazing staff on the Orchard ward ...Always so friendly.

Lesley Bishop reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 4 star
23 mins ·  

Everyone on cardio 2 treated me with respect and dignity and all were very friendly ...even down to the cleaners ...people on the tea trolleys ...everyone ...I would like to take this opportunity to say thankyou to you all for looking after me so well .

Jacqueline Teresa Warburton reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
16 mins ·  

took my grandson for his genetic test. staff were fantastic. but they couldn't get his blood so we have to go bk. but i was so impressed with the staff.

Susan Beames reviewed Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust — 5 star

18 hrs ·  

Fab treatment in last few days. I can't fault the efficiency of our local NHS. Everyone so friendly and professional. Even had a CT scan on a Sunday. Thanks to everyone at GRH for doing such a great job and great teamwork. 

The new booking system for outpatients is not fit for purpose. I had two appointments given to me which when I double checked were not the correct dates.. and had a snotty letter saying I hadn't turned up for the (wrong) appointment. I had a text reminder for an an appointment on 25/1.. and when I checked on 19/1 it was yesterday. Anyone else?

Ann Russell reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 1 star
18 hrs ·  

I hated it the nurses were great the dr were great the food was disgusting I would not feed it to my dog as I said the nurses were great and yes most of them were but twice I all most got Meds that were not mine good that I. New that it was not mine

I normally get taken to Gloucester Royal, which I hate, this time I was brought to Cheltenham and it has been a wonderful experience from the staff in A&E to all the staff on Prescott ward would definitely recommend this hospital again

I visit CGH very often due to having a disabled 3 year old. We are often at Battledown outpatients to see various consultants and doctors. Of course, sometimes they run late but that's life. 
I have to say, the nurses are wonderful too. My daughter had to have bloods taken yesterday, which for a 3 year old, is awful. They worked to keep her calm and occupied with an ipad and when she wouldn't calm, they got it over and done with as soon as they could. My daughter was given a bravery certificate, a present and a sticker afterwards.

Thank you so much to all the staff who cared for me. Every member was kind and attentive. Many went out of their way to make my stay as comfortable as possible. True heroes of our NHS.

Had a major ear operation on Friday for a cholesteatome . From the minute I entered the hospital I was looked after very well staff from admission lounge to theatre staff , to recovery and up on the ward . Surgeon / consultant doctors and nurses . All treated me extremely well . Would hesitate or have any worries if I have to return to this hospital

I was accompanying my daughter for a procedure in the Day Surgery Unit. The staff were amazing, from the ladies on reception to the consultant who carried out the surgery. The nursing staff were lovely and put my daughter and myself at ease. My only gripe, which is minor really is the waiting area in the unit. Could do with more seating and probably a little telly to pass the time. I was not in a position to be able to go home and come back so landed up in Costa coffee.....or Costa bomb as I now call it!!! NHS was brilliant though

All I can say is thank you all so much on the children's ward you are all amazing for what you do and how you do it, I can't put into words what all your hard mean to me and my family


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