January Week 2

Saturday 10th

Gloucester flower arrangement society brightens up GRH with floral displays (Citizen) p8

Positive brief article regarding the society's charitable work at GRH

Four and a half hour wait at GRH A&E department - check live times at county hospitals (Citizen)

Just a repeat of the messaging re using A&Es in an emergency following our tweets at the weekend

Man denies fraud and using a false letter to stay in the UK and get a job at CGH (Echo)

A former employee attended court - Ferris Magume's trial will take place on 14th May

Nurse who was chased by cows in the Cotswolds and broke her leg as she scrambled over barbed wire fence... (Echo)

Our nurse was airlifted to CGH following the incident

We need to learn to put other people first to help NHS (Citizen) p12

thebloggers page where a Bishop's Chaplain writes about the pressures on ED. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

That money could have been spent on nurses or home care (Citizen) p8

Full page article based on Shadow Care Minister Liz Kendall's comments regarding delayed discharging on a visit to Gloucester. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

Injecting positivity into NHS coverage (Echo) p11

column written by journalist discussing a recent visit to our hospitals where a nurse suggested the local papers never cover positive articles. He call for people who have had a good experience to contact him so he can share their positive stories. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

Staff's dedication keeps NHS going (Echo) p10

Readers letter thanking staff at A&E and Woodmancote Ward for the treatment of his elderly mother. However he says that it is clear that the NHS is at breaking point and suggests that the wards have been cut to the bone and would not be able to function were it not for the dedication of staff. Calls on the Governement to reassess their priorities. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

Think carefully about A&E care (Echo) p3

short nib regarding an update re A&E status with quotes from our Chief Exec and Dr Tom Llewellyn.

Sunday 11th

Any Questions (BBC Radio 4)

The political debate and discussion encompassed the issues over the last week and misquoted CGH as stating that '30% of patients could have been seen by GPs'.

Monday 12th

Gloucestershire hospitals major incident status continues (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

MP Richard Graham talks on the Breakfast show about nursing and major incident status continuation

see also web copy

Gloucestershire A&E major incident: 25 patients waiting more than 4 hours at GRH (Citizen)

With quote from Dr Frank Harsent

Major incident in Gloucestershire hospitals continues (ITV News)

Short updated item directing readers to our live waiting times

New Year babies (Citizen) p34

Full page photo gallery of babies taken on New Years Day in our hospitals as arranged by the Communications Team. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

see also Echo p27

MP hopeful calls for end to blame game in bid to aid struggling A&E (Echo) p13

Cheltenham Independent candidate Richard Lupson-Darnell says "now is not the time to get defensive about what has happened in the past..." Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

Reminder of alternatives to A&E to ease hospital crisis (Echo) p4

Full page article with an update re A&E and full summary of alternative options. With quote from our Chief Exec. Hard copy only available for one week after publication from the Communication Team (see below)

A&E Crisis update (BBC Points West)

Update on A&E pressures with filming taking place outside our hospitals - footage available for one week following screening.

A&E Crisis Update (ITV Westcountry)

Update with filming outside our hospitals. Footage not available.

Tuesday 13th

Gloucestershire Hospitals drop massively below national average as crisis continues (Glos Gazette)

Focus on A&E and recent 4 hour wait figures. With quote from Dr Tom Llewellyn.

A&E Crisis: Patients wait over five hours to be seen at GRH (Citizen) p3

As above

see also A&E Crisis: Patients face 5 1/2 hour wait at GRH but only 73 minutes at CGH (Echo)

As above

Feeling the NHS pressure (The Yorkshire Post) 

A&E pressure article which mentions our hospitals.

Think hard before travelling to A&E (Echo & Citizen) p37

Health and Wellbeing pages dedicate half page to the outcomes of the discussion at  HCOSC, quoting our Chief Executive as well as Dr Tom Llewellyn who explains allternative options to A&E for those with less urgent ailments.

Patients given advice as A&E delays continue (Echo) p3

News item looks at waiting times for A&E for the previous day and quotes 38 Degrees Gloucestershire campaignerMervyn Hyde who blames a lack of government investment and the closure of community hospitals over the past 20 years for the problems we are facing in the county. GCC spokesman Susan Field is also quoted, outlining the beds available in the community and explains how they have agreed to a range of actions to support our hospitals and maximise capacity.

A&E crisis: Gloucestershire hospital's 'major incident' could be called off this afternoon (Citizen)

Short online update following the HCOSC meeting.

Still on the critical list (BBC Points West)

Focus on our hospitals following HCOSC with footage of our Chief Executive. Following the report filmed in Gloucester, Footage available for one day following broadcast.

The state of the NHS in Gloucestershire: A List of all the latest red-rated targets missed by health bosses (Echo)

Negative article looking at targets with quote from the CCG

Comment: NHS of old should be restored by Tories (Stroud News & Journal)

The paper calls for the Government to restore the NHS

A&E units still under pressure (Western Daily Press)

Short news update detailling waiting times (taken from our live wait pages)

Life expectancy in England isn't falling - but we are reaching an upper limit (City Metric)

The article looks at a range of factors including healthcare and details Gloucestershire and how the recent pressures relate to government budget cuts

Wednesday 14th

Critical status stays in place at hospitals (Citizen) p8

Quotes Dr Frank Harsent following comments made at previous day's HCOSC meeting

A&E update (BBC Radio Gloucestershire) 

Covered in the news bulletins throughout the Mark Cummings Breakfast Show. Audio available for six days following broadcast.

Other cures than money to aid NHS (Echo) p11

Opinion piece in the 'Quango unchained' column regarding pressures on A&E. Discusses key issues and concludes that  readers should think a bit harder and use the NHS more wisely.

Anger as ambulance takes 106 minutes to reach OAP (Echo) p4

Patient expresses disatisfaction with the service provided by the NHS including bruising and numb fingers when fitted with a cannula at GRH. Features comment as issued by our communications team calling for the patient to contact us so we can look into her complaint.

Gloucestershire Hospitals come out of critical incident status (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Quotes the press release online as issued by the Communications Team, and covers the news on air throughout the afternoon bulletins and on the Drivetime programme, with a pre-recorded interview of Dr Tom Llewellyn.

Major incident status in Gloucestershire Hospitals lifted (ITV West Country News)

Covers the top lines detailed in the press release

Gloucestershire hospitals call off 'major incident' status - but pressures on A&E units remain a challenge (Gloucestershire Gazette)

As above

Gloucestershire Hospitals declare major incident over (Wilts and Glos Standard) 

As above

Bed crisis over at two Gloucestershire hospitals but public advised to access A&E in emergencies only (Stroud News and journal)

As above

Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals stood down from major incident (Echo)

as above

Thursday 15th 

Counting the cost: External providers and cancelled appointments (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

The top story on the Breakfast Show, the presenter payed a clip of Consultant Tom Llewellyn (from a pre-recorded interview) following the de-escalation however, had a negative patient experience following a postponed gallstones op and a discussion between the BBC Health Correspondent for the South West Matthew Hill speculating about the reasons for the recent incident (the correspondent suggested FT finances), predicts that there will be many breaches in the times to rebook appointments and looking forward to the winter weather and potential impact on our EDs.

Major incident status is scaled down by hospitals (Citizen) p2

Short news item following press release.

see also: Major incident over but hospitals still under pressure (Echo) p4

as above, but with comment from Dr Sean Elyan included.

Former Cheltenham MP Lord Nigel Jones to call for a return to 999 services at CGH (Echo)

Former Cheltenham MP Lord Nigel Jones spoke in a House of Lords debate to call for the reinstatement of full, round-the-clock A&E services at Cheltenham General Hospital and linking it to the major internal critical incident.

Cheltenham injured cyclist dies after hospital visit (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

News item details the content of the press release issued by Gloucestershire Police and quotes a Trust spokeswoman re not speculating on the cause of the woman's death, care or treatment.

Health watchdog is looking for people with A&E experiences during recent crisis in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Gazette)

The consumer group want feedback on our patient's experience of care in our EDs with the aim of improving services locally.

Friday 16th

Injured cyclist, 52, dies after being sent home from A&E in Cheltenham (Western Daily Press)

Article links the content of a police press release which called for witnesses to a RTA with a cyclist to our services. The femaile cyclist died after being sent home from ED and this article speculates as to the link between this and our recent major incident following this press release. The article features a new statement from a Trust spokeman: 

A spokesman for the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust said it was too early to confirm whether a third internal inquiry into the woman’s care on Tuesday within the hospital would also take place. The emergency measures the hospitals were under at the time may well have made absolutely no difference to the care the woman received, the decision to discharge her the same day and the ultimate tragic outcome.

He said it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of the woman’s death, or comment on any aspect of her care or treatment, in advance of the post-mortem and any inquest process.

“We would like to offer our sincere condolences to her family at what must be a terribly difficult time,” he added.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire wants to know your experiences of A&E in Gloucestershire (Echo & Citizen) p45

The consumer group want feedback on our patient's experience of care in our EDs with the aim of improving services locally.

Plenty to praise in our town hospital (Echo) p10

Letters page, MP Martin Hoswood reiterates his views regarding A&E and the changes overnight and at the end praises individuals involved in the care of his mother. Hard copy only available from the Communications team for one week following publication.

NHS discussion (BBC Radio 5 Live)

Discussed our hospitals in the breakfast programme in relation to ED pressures and mentioned we have just ended the secong major incident

Tweets of the week

1st hand exp of exc care @gloshospitals we need to mirror paediatric care my 6yr feels v valued. Imp by @ReadWellUK Thanku for the book!

The NHS is amazing: 3 paramedics, 1 ambulance, drugs, x-ray, A&E, physio, splint & crutches plus care & attention. Thanks @gloshospitals

Dear #nhs thank you so much for amazing, caring, seamless service yesterday, from GP to A&E and beyond @gloshospitals #cheltenham




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