July 2016 Week 1

Saturday 2nd July

Of interest: Cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow receive the highest business award in the country (Wilts & Glos Std)

With quote from our Medical Director Dr Sean Elyan

Retired Berkeley exposed to asbestos throughout career... (Gloucestershire Gazette)

A consultant at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is quoted as saying that a chest X-ray showed signs of exposure to asbestos and a CT scan revealed a malignant tumour in the lungs and bronchial pneumonia.

Fete interview (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

GRH league of Friends Liz Hughes is interviewed about the fete

Sunday 3rd July

Can hypnosis REALLY beat the pain of giving birth... (Mail online)

Mentions we will be offering this in the future

Craving for hair leaves mum with a hairball the size of a brick in her stomach (Daily Star)

A young women receives an operation at Cheltenham General Hospital

Monday 4th July


Tuesday 5th July

Gloucestershire pharmacist shortlisted for award (Gloucestershire Gazette) 

Following a press release, our pharmacist Leela Terry's achievement in being shortlisted for this prestigious award is highlighted in the local papers - local residents, patients and colleagues are encouraged to vote for her.

Gun scare closes Cheltenham General Hospital wing (Gloucestershire Live)

news item follows 

Wednesday 6th July


Thursday 7th July

Mother who chewed her hair... (Mail online)

(as with the Daily Star)

see also: Woman with compulsion to eat own hair... (Mirror)

of interest: Rotary community award goes to bereaved Cotswold parents... (Cotswold Journal)

The couple has helped to raise funds for refurbishing the Oncology services for children at GRH

Friday 8th July



Our impressive bottle tombola at GRH summer fete. Why not pop along and have first dibs? We are here until 4pm pic.twitter.com/E2U1Z7IZeO

Media preview

Well this is gonna be a good way to kick off my birthday lol — feeling pained at Gloucester Royal Hospital fb.me/ECa6Sgil



ward 2b nurses are all wonderful and very kind they are very busy but have time for every patient in this ward a big big thank you all the wonderful staff. Thankyou for the care you've given.


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Clearing out the office basement, our Associate Director Contracts Irwin Wilson came across a plaque commemorating the death of a soldier at the Battle of the Somme.

He died 100 years ago on 1st July. The timing of the find is very apt. The soldiers parents raised the money for an extension to Cheltenham General Hospital in 1926 -

This is a letter he wrote in April 1916:

1/6 South Staffs Rgt, BEF France, 
Dear Uncle Jack,
Hear that you have joined the Arty: good luck are they Field Guns or F[...si]:? Think I told you that we were sent to Egypt but returned within a month of landing there, was a very interesting experience; called at Malta - spent 10 days in Alexandria, awfully nice place and some time at the Suez Canal in the desert, expecting Turks. The weather was all against us since we came back to France - snowed for the first month, which wasn't pleasant, now it's quite nice - weather I mean! Have been in a bit of a "bother" during this last month. I'm battalion Bombing Officer which is a bit of a hot job, 
hence had quite an exciting 12 hours. Lost a few pals, which is rotten. Mining has been our chief trouble, the moral effect of a mine going up in ones trench is bad. The crater of one was 50 feet deep and about 60 yards across - and every time things round about fairly loops-the-loop. After this every straffing machine that opens & shuts, commences! You will say "Thank goodness I'm not a "footslogger"! Am writing this in an old German dug-out - very well fitted, two beds, fire place, mantelpiece, one or two pictures, 
table [polished?] chair and an acetylene lamp, the whole being about 30 feet below the earth's surface - hence we are very safe & very comfortable. Am sending this to Grandma to post to you.
Yours &c

Find out more at this link.....

Irwin has moved the plaque to our CGH Chapel.



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Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Our Gloucestershire Safety and Quality Improvement Academy (GSQIA) put on a Bronze level Introduction to Quality Improvement class on Monday evening with staff ...

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Simon A Tilley reviewed Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust — 5 star

After a recent stay on Guiting ward in Cheltenham general, just wanted to thank Mr Poskitt and the amazing nurses for all their care and support, you are all angels who brightened my days in there !


CGH Reviews:

Would like to say a massive thank you to all the doctors and nurses in ccu for the amazing time and energy put in helping my sister and bringing her back to us

Anita Shadwell Had 1 op very well cared for by all the staff

We are having some family fun at our fete at GRH including taiko drummers, Harwood dance club, Morris dancers, stalls and loads more. Why not join us? We are here until 4pm

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