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Saturday 1st July

Watch the singing flashmob... (Gloucestershire Live)

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Tuesday 4th July

Executive pay at Gloucestershire Hospitals  (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Picture unclear how two hospitals will share x-ray provisions (Gloucestershire Live)

Wednesday 5th July

CQC find improvements have been made at Gloucestershire Hospitals following damning inspection (Gloucestershire Gazette)

Hospitals in Gloucestershire ordered to improve by watchdog after concerns about patient safety at crowded A&Es (Gloucestershire Gazette)

CQC inspection recommendations (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Gloucestershire Hospitals still require improvement, says CQC (BBC News)

NHS in Gloucestershire recruiting '£180k' 'Director of People' who will earn SIX TIMES more than highest paid nurses (Gloucestershire Live)

Gloucestershire Hospitals 'Requires Improvements' (Heart FM)

Patients share stories of Gloucestershire's hospitals told to improve by watchdog over patient safety fears in A&E (Gloucestershire Live)

Thursday 6th July

Care Services interview following GHNHSFT CQC inspection (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

'Toffs and Totties' ride out for special care babies (Gloucestershire Live)

Friday 7th July




Ambulance crew was absolutely amazing! Long a&e wait (8pm - 4am!) but was busy and a Saturday night, a few nurses wasn't very comforting but hey ho they still done the job! Glad of the nhs..🖒

brilliant friendly staff .i did not now where i had 2 go and a member of off staff showed me where go .plus my appointment was on time .the lady who said my abdomen and pelvis scan was brilliant .she done a brilliant job

It was only an Outpatient appointment but Staff treated me lovely & were extremely helpful.

I can't thank the Staff enough for the treatment and care they gave me for my op.

Following a 3 week stay on Guiting Ward with a broken ankle I would like to say a big Thank You to all the hardworking people who looked after me You were friendly ,helpful and nothing was to much trouble Many Thanks x
Bella Morrison reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
2 hrs ·  

I got out of hospital yesterday after having an operation for endometriosis and my appendix out. I went in on the Friday into A and E not knowing what was going on and had the operation on the Saturday. How quickly they did it all was amazing. The nurses and HCA's were amazing and my team of surgeons kept me as ease the whole time. How anyone can slam the NHS I'll never know. If it wasn't for them acting so quickly things could of been a lot worse. So thank you. Thank you so much ☺️

Staff here are wonderful. Very dedicated. Well done to you all and thank you for all your hard work

Gloucestershire royal hospital is well clean inside and the staff are very plight

I've attended twice in the last month for x-rays. The first time I expected to contact the dept to make an appointment but received one through the post which tbh saved time as it would have taken me a few more days before I remembered to step out of work and call them. The second one I was even offered a weekend appt the same week that I rang but was able to get an after-work slot soon after. Ironic that it then took 2 weeks to get a telephone appt with my GP to be told I needed to go back for another! Both times I arrived right on my appt time and was seen within 5 minutes and was out the door again 5 minutes later. Friendly efficient radiographers and courteous reception staff. The only negative thing I noted was an older male patient on a bed outside the x-ray room who was evidently naked from the waist down with his dignity barely protected by a blanket. He seemed very poorly and unable to move as he was in exactly the same state when I came out as when I went in. Other than that everything well run efficient as usual.

From the amazing paramedics, a&e staff and amazing nurses on ward 9 , they all looked after me so well.

Shirley Hallett reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
13 hrs ·  

The staff were coping with a new computer system when we were there yesterday, and also were short of staff. Stress levels were visibly high, but the care they provided to my Mum was superb. They were cheerful, efficient, empathetic and thorough. Really impressed with the staff!

Philip Nichols reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
9 hrs ·  

Very impressed by the nurses and Drs. In the stroke unit.

Inspectors were worried about patient safety at GRH


Hannah BartonA few extra chairs might help, coupled with children not being accompanied by 5 adults also might help, people not using the service correctly again might help.....cut/swollen little finger not for a&e, people don't know how to use other services! Phar...See More 
Stephen Gale
Stephen GaleI recently broke my heel and was told I'll need an op to repair it before the op a very confident aneathatist gave me two options regards pain relief a local injection which he said wouldn't be as affective as an epidural which he advised I should have...See More 
Abi Morgan
Abi MorganA&E is still there in Cheltenham. The only people who can't just 'turn up' after 8pm are the ambulance crews.
Members of the public can walk in!
Also Stroud and Cirencester have Minor Injury units too that are open until 11pm.
...See More
Jodie GallagherIf everyone voted labour we wouldn't be having theses issues, as one of their main objectives was to sort the NHS. Unfortunately they are only going to get worse I am afraid. Due to the continued cap on wages more doctors/nurses/midwifes are leaving than joining. 😞
Yes before anyone gets into a political debate there is bad policies in each parties manifesto!
Adrian MitchellGet rid of some of the pointless senior managers, some of who haven't done any proper work since the late 90's. Use that money saved to recruit more Consultants and open Cheltenham A&E again. 
Heidi Desmond-SkeatsI have visited this hospital a lot in the last 2 years with my youngest and have to say I never had any problems staff and nurses/ doctors been lovely. Yes there has been a wait for few hrs but that's not the staffs fault! That's the rubbish government people voted for!!!
Alison DavisObviously GRH a and e employed the discharge team on the back of the 2015 report. I have been there with both my elderly parents and as soon as the guy walked in I knew we were going to be sent home . Unbelievably both parents needed further treatment...See More
Lewis FarrellPeople who are not desperate to go should be patient and go to the dr's, also the government needs to fund more staff rather than cutbacks all the time. It is NOT the NHS fault!
Sarah J LancettThe solution is to educate people to go to there doctors when it's not an emergency.
Kelly DaveyIt's not the staff / hospitals fault, it's all the idiots turning up that don't need to be there, as well as the drunks on the weekends!
Malcolm TidmarshBring back A&E Cheltenham with out the times being cut
Sarah AbbottRe-instate Cheltenham A&E night service to ease the pressure...
Googie StickingsGive us back are a and e in Cheltenham
Jeanette BeardIf it is not an emergency then the receptionist should tell them, u are not an emergency so please leave and see ur gp, pharmacy.
Siobhan Marie Canavan7 hours we were in there last Monday and we arrived at 11.15 am by ambulance felt sorry for the staff there were trollies all down the corridor we people waiting for beds
Dotty CooperMaybe hospitals could improve if the government wasnt starving them of funding in their effort to sell it off quicker.
Dee BozzardUse A&E as an EMERGENCY service, not the doctors, half the problems solved
James John KerryHere's some pictures of are visit to Gloucester hospital. In the kids part.
Esther SmithVery simple solution! Reinstate cheltenham a&e fully!
Sue JamesLearn what is an emergency
Christina JonesRoss Turner they lost my 'sample'! 🙄
Sue MaginnThey should give Cheltenham back their A & E
Bonnie CicuttinEmploy more nurses??!!!
Wendi Reid-shearerYou may find this interesting Caroline Sass
James John KerryAll the bins in the hole hospital are like this.


You shared your experiences - and it's doesn't make pretty reading

Amanda Pope My sister recently had a stay in hospital we could fault the a&e staff they were quick and delivering all the medication she needed although it was very busy my sister was seen to in an emergency, same can't be said for when she arrived on the hospital ward. I was horrified at the level of care towards everything. 

Sarah Smith Was in Gloucester in September and again over Christmas, the staff are fantastic but they are at breaking point with too many patients and not enough staff, but it's not the nurses or other staff themselves that are the root of the problem it's the pe...See More 
Gareth Tindell You can't run a hospital effectively with no nurses . The problem is this government , nurses leaving the profession in droves . 1% pay cap and less nurses joining the workforce than leaving , 40,000 unfilled vacancies nationally .....What do people expect ? You can't continue to blame the hospital managers for the hospital failings. Demand outstrips capacity . 
Ade Lautieri My dad was recently taken to Gloucester Royal hospital A&E and then spent 10 days in the Tower Block. The staff and nurses were great but I did feel there was a lack of communication between Doctors and Nurses. It took me 9 days of constantly asking, in person and by telephone as to what is actually wrong with my dad, no one could give me an answer.
Wendy Russell Ir is down to not the staff to cope has my husband was in gloucester and they were short staffed every day and the nurses wirk none stop day and night there were old people with that should not have been in there they should have been in a home having ...See More
Hannah Barton 50% of that story is my comment from yesterday 😂 I love how you quoted in bold that frustration can be seen and not the positive that I gave 200% for their care.....maybe a little more appropriate 🤔
Marlene Phillips This problem has been going on for a very long time.way before Tories came into office. There is too many managers .and not enough nurses .they are overworked while managers sit in their offices .also they get agency staff in and pay allot more money f...See More
Snuggs Mark In 2001 i had mrsa
I had a. Wonderfull nurse take care of me. She let me still have a life. She went on holiday for two weeks. In the time i was stuck in a room. No fresh air, visitors told they wasnt allowed to see me. No one cleaned my room and when 
...See More
Dale J Poole I have always had great care from health professionals, my father though has had a lack of communication from staff at times which made him feel unsupported, and he find it frustrating to see admin staff grouped up having a chat about there home life to each others while nurses run around looking stressed
Joe Brown I got a lot of stories from being staff member lol. I wouldn't go there if I had a choice of private care

The report did recognise that improvements had been made since the last inspection in 2015.

The trust that runs Gloucestershire's two main hospitals has been told by a health watchdog that it requires improvement.
Angela Webb
Angela Webb Its a third world service at night, a shambles overstretched, trolleys everywhere, exhausted staff. I wouldn't wish it on anyone after my families experience. Open Cheltenham at night with doctors and let the ambulances go there instead of piling into GRH.
Karen Brown Ah well. Be privatised soon then people will realise whats been lost and will have real cause to whinge
Jason Field Dont blame the hospital,blame youre shite goverment.As Above,dont worry we wont have an nhs to complain about soon:(
Richard Perrett U need nurses but won't give us the choice?

Fancy earning £180k?!
The NHS in Gloucestershire is recruiting a "Director of people" with an "attractive salary" and 41 days leave. The salary is about 6 times that of the highest paid Nurse in the NHS.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says it "is an important appointment for the Trust at a critical period in the delivery of NHS services locally."

Diane Smith Totally agree, why isn't the management structure being looked at, perhaps nurses etc can have better pay! 
Hazel Stevens Daft idea wonder what the job description is. One thing the NHS is not in need of is more management, we need more front line staff 
Russ Cooper That's an obscene amount of pay. No way to justify that amount. 
Koo Perry That could be money better spent on more nurses or increasing current pay ! 
Lynn Roberts It seems they love to invent job titles, with a ridiculous salary ! 
Hazel Cutting Obscene amount of money and 8 weeks holiday to boot 😳
Wayne Howes No need to apply because the job was probably created for an ex politician or a politicians other half or even an ex banker.
Nick Howard Salary aside 41 days annual leave makes this a part time job.
Mark Jackson All the moaners will be the first to complain when their aging granny is killed by negligence though because of lack of management and leadership....
Phil Lockwood Just who makes these jobs up ,maybe they should sack themselves and make way for the real people who make the nhs what it is NURSES
Sue Hyde That is a ridiculous amount of money. No need for anyone to earn more than 100 grand. Give me the job, i'll do it for 50 grand!
Charlotte Jones Yet another chief being appointed! How extraordinary with a service as cash strapped as Gloucestershire NHS!!☹️
Sandie Conway Just shameful, words fail me

Elaine Franks Wendy Fay here's the job for u lol xxx
Paul Notley This needs to be stopped NOW
Sian Pinnell Nigel Pinnell! This would be good!😀
Joby Mortimer Where do you apply
Katie Tew Are you kidding me, that's outrageous!
Kev Bugfoot Morris What a joke.
Rob Howells The millstone around industry and the NHS. Far too many clerical staff who outnumber the people in the firing line. Jobsworth would be a better title.
Maria Baker Disgraceful.
Delia Weaver Nurses with children find it hard to do the hours. GRH Is meant to be family friendly but not. If I could go back to work tomorrow but bringing up a 4 year old and a 7 year old need to work school hours and school terms time. What's was the point off d...See More
Hamm Christine The pay differential is disgusting.
Francine Burns This is why it has all gone so very very wrong. It needs reinventing.
Richie Whitehouse 6x the salary of the highest paid nurse in the NHS? i suggest you have a look at the pay scale of the many, many "modern matrons" and ward managers, many of whom double up doing the same job - not much at all
Ron Bennett Typically invented job for the privaliged
Kevin Gani This is simply wrong. This is using taxpayers money and we should object to this. A Director at this level should not be earning more than 100k to be in line with most private businesses that make profits to support the economy!
Dan Halls Redwan Miah do you know of this role mate
Maggie Williams Somebody else walking around with a clip board They could employ a couple of extra nurses for that money Its really disgusting
Malcolm Tidmarsh Says it all how disgusting is that
David Wright Absolutely disgusting
Rosemary Philpott Disgusting waste of money. It makes me sick . 🤑
Barry Philpott Employ 8 more nurses instead. There are too many "managers" and not enough "hands on" staff. Experienced nurses like Rose have been leaving the NHS in droves because of appointments like this.

Linda Rocknrold Alex Garner this job's got your name all over it x
Liz Lynch A director of people ? I think it's about time the important people like hard working nurses& doctors went back to working with a matron type person who knew what they were talking about. Rather than more made up jobsworths who haven't got a clue. Save the money , give it to the nurses . Might be able to stop a few from leaving. 😳😡
Diane Lessel Yeah wouldnt mi d
Soraya Raza Can 1 position or person equate to 7 or 8 nurses.... I think not ! Rethink this pay please.
Una Mills They need to take a good hard look at priorities here
Jan Coleman Shocking waste of money
Tom Tapping This is a disgusting salary for a pen pusher. The priority in the NHS must be the wages and empowerment of medical staff, not the non-medical "managers". Take us back to when the "Matron" ruled the wards and her/their word was gospel.
Andrew Tanner This is why the NHS is short of funds. Far too many paper shufflers. Take them and the fact that GP's prescribed £70 million pounds worth of paracetamol last year when people could buy them for 19p a packet you can see why the NHS does need radical ...See More

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