July 2017 Week 2

Saturday 8th July

Britain's first pregnant man gives birth (Daily Star)

Sunday 9th July


Monday 10th July

Live 'Incident' at GRH sees people barred from the Tower block (Gloucestershire Live)

Fun was had at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival (Hello! Magazine)

Gloucester pays tribute to "heart of gold Ebrahim" 'Saj' Moosajee (Gloucestershire Live)

Teenager from Cirencester to undertake skydive in memory of Grandmother... (Wilts & Glos Standard)

Body discovered in public toilet at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (Wilts & Glos Standard)

Tuesday 11th July

Death of patient in hospital referred to Independent Police Complaints Commission after 'concern for welfare' call (Gloucestershire Live)

Councillor says minor injury units are a thing of the past (Gazette)

 Patient found in toilet (Mirror)

Plea for people to join NHS Organ Donor Register... (Cotswold Journal)

Body Loo Riddle Dead patient lay undiscovered for THREE NIGHTS in an NHS toilet 'after drug overdose' (The Sun)

IPCC reviewing Gloucestershire Hospital toilet death (BBC News)

Hospital had contacted police following concerns about the welfare of a man before he was found dead in a public toilet (Gazette)

Wednesday 12th July

Mum's 'pleas for help ignored' as she endured nightmare childbirth that nearly cost her life (Mirror)

Mum's 'pleas for help ignored' as she endured nightmare childbirth that nearly cost her life (Gloucestershire Live)

Thursday 13th July

Busy hospitals Interview with Deborah Lee (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Reducing stillbirth (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Financial Governance Review Interview with Peter Lachecki (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Financial Governance Review  Interview with Peter Lachecki  (Heart Gloucestershire News) (see Facebook section for audio clip)

Former health chiefs blamed for Gloucestershire NHS Trust's multi-million pound financial blackhole (Gazette) 

Friday 14th July



Thank you @MoreJessicaRose for helping to #HitCancerForSix at Ladies Day with @Gloscricket read more in @hellomag tinyurl.com/yaw9mc55


Thread from our political reporter at @gloshospitals board meeting this morning:

On Sunday 500 people attended A&E at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. It's the highest figure ever recorded in the county.

Replying to @BBCGlos

Staff continue to do a great job. Public: pls access A&E in an emergency only. Other services are available. Visit asapglos.nhs.uk

Go @margarymayhem ! @gloshospitals nutrition team nurse. Winning the @NNNGUK award. Congrats!!

Margaret Collins very worthy winner.Making a real difference to pt care #NNNGUK

Problem for @gloshospitals saying more ppl attending A&E in Gloucester should've gone to MIU is that @Glos_CareNHS MIUs aren't always open

Recently #Stroud A&E was closed on a Monday pm due to staff shortages. We had to go to #Dursley .@StroudGreens .@StroudLabour .@NHSMillion

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I was in MDU yesterday for my infusion . Can't praise the staff enough ! The MDU is a very busy unit and the staff are always professional , kind and have a knack at putting us at ease and nothing is to much trouble. You should be very proud of the team .

Hayze Scrivens reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star

Staff were excellent, long wait made some children very agitated in waiting room but overall lovely.my daughter was well cared for *****

Mel Dix reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
9 hrs ·  

Thank you for all you did for my grandson ��

Sandra Stanford reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
I go to the hospital three times a week for dialysis and have to say that the staff are lovely and do their very best for you.

Thank you for saving my life. The care was exemplary. I cannot praise this hospital and staff enough. Special thank you to Mrs Al Allak and her breast care team and Snowshill ward for their skill and care.

Physio department awesome yesterday. Virtually pain free today! #healinghands

Had to attend for bloods to be taken in the Edward Jenna clinic on Thursday....lots of people waiting but queue went down quickly. Lovely nurse that made procedure quick and painless. X�

I had biopsies taken in the endoscopy unit .... lovely staff from the receptionist to the nurses ... couldn't fault my treatment ... each person i saw listened to any queries i had and treated me with respect and care ... wonderful credit to the hospital and nhs.

Genuinely can't believe the fact I was in and out of a&e within an hour!! Good effort by all! 😂🙈

Sam Burton reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 1 star
10 hrs ·  

I brought my daughter in last night. The doctor was not bothered that her hip kept displacing, they kept us waiting 4 hours for the doctor to say shes fine and its probably ligament damage in the waiting room with all the other parents and their children present for orthapedics to call me today to say she has been referred as an urgent request. Im disgusted. The doctor then told me i wasted his time after my daughters hip went twice and she was screaming in pain

Danny Banyard reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
11 hrs ·  

Just got home from a 5 night stay on bibury ward. Absolutely wonderful staff. Thank you very much. Danny

Tiffany Carlile I was always in the hospital as I was scared of my sons movements. Second I was hooked up to the machine he kicked and punched.
I cried the 3rd or 4th time I was in there (that month) as I thought I was wasting their time and they thought I was being annoying. The midwife said "no, we'd rather you came in then just ignored it".


A massive thank you to all at the Gloucester Royal. We went to a&e last night after Sam fell from his bike. Luckily he always wears his helmet.

Amazing service 

- We arrived about 9:15am and were seen by reception within 5 minutes.
- we saw the triage nurse/doctor within c 15 minutes more.
- we saw a lovely Specialist who looked after his mouth: check up, examination, x-ray.
- x-ray department.
- A doctor who checked he had no head injury.
- discharged c 11:15 and home by 11:30-11:45.

Massive thank you. Hopefully no permanent damage and he will be better in a couple of weeks.

Thanks you Gloucester Royal #NHS #Love 

Rachel Arthur

This is a tough read for any parents out there, but Emma wants her story told

Emma Stacey nearly never met her baby daughter
Fiona Metcalf Didn't have anything as bad as these ladies but my stay in grh wasn't pleasant a bed that was far to small and left in my bloody stained sheets for well over 24 hours was two days before seen a clearner . What ever happened in my c section has left me with a numb left hand side bottom and suffer awful back pains . My daughter is 19 weeks now and still not right 
Sarah Haile I hope this lady is ok. My experience/treatment wasn't as bad but was back in within 2 weeks as part of my placenta was left in and I had a severe infection. I was told by a lovely nurse in the high dependancy unit that it was a miracle I was still ali...See More 
Esme Rouse Well done to this lady and all you ladies for sharing. Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real, families should be given the opportunity to have a 'debrief' no matter what sort of 'birth'. Glad this lady is getting help from mental health services, hopefully she can process what happened and try to move on. Much love x 
Kelly-marie Dobbs Horrible place there had my daughter 5years Aug I was just mins from giving birth they made me get up and walk around I couldn't so they held me up I gave birth on the floor after the birth I held my little girl who looked blue to me I have had 3 other...See More 
Gemma Katie Blackmore This happened to me was unexpected and scary I lost so much blood I had 5 blood transfusions had an operation to stop the bleeding and was quite ill after my son was born. But you know what the Staff at GRH were absolutely outstanding with my care and if it wasn't for them I would be DEAD!
Stacey Rebecca Meredith I had a placenta abruption oct last year and was admitted to glos hosp I had to have a blood transfusion on the maternity ward listening to women labouring my son passed away I also had to go back up to the maternity ward to c my son as there was no other place for me to go and c n hold my sleeping angle 😪 hope ur both do in well x
Lisa Tranter Don't even go there. Sounds like dejavu!!!!!. Gloucester royal should b ashamed of themselves, it's like a conveyer belt in there and it's sooooo wrong
Yvonne Watt Absolutely awful, the midwife I had was terrible too, wouldn't give me any pain relief and refused to examine me saying I'd already been examined when I hadn't which resulted in me being 9cm dilated which a breach baby whose foot and cord was hanging out. All I can say is thank goodness for the doctors who performed my emergency c-section. GRH needs a really good look at their staff!
Charlene Bace I have had a few issues with GRH delivery suite in both my pregnancies but the fact they saved my baby boys life and kept him alive and got him diagnosed with nkh I can't thanks neonates enough and the children's ward where we were afterwards as well. Under staffed on children's ward through no fault of their own but they were still amazing under the circumstances :-(
Kathryn Hodgson I don't believe the whole story is being told here. Would be interesting to hear what GRH has to say. I had both my children there with wonderful care.
Laura Elder How sad, I hope she can get over this & bond with her bueatiful baby..... I felt very ill throughout my pregnancy & birth - I even turned yellow & was told it was hormones, on the 3rd a&e admission they finally discovered I had a ruptured appendix whic...See More
Chantell Scheepers Mustoe Very Sad, but I cant fault GRH. The midwifes are amazing. Was high risk with both my girls, and when they induced me, they never left my side. I cant recommend them enough.
Michelle Hawkins I felt really ill once I gave birth a year ago. They said it was just the trauma of a fast birth The doctor was going to send me home without even seeing me, she read my notes and said I was fine.
I went to have another bath before leaving the hospital
...See More
Sophie Phillipa Clee So sad when I had my son at Gloucester Royal I was originally at Stroud hospital have a nice water birth course things got seriously wrong rushed down in a ambulance to Gloucester royal were the midwife told them I need an emergency c-section they igno...See More
Michaela Marshall Part of my placenta was left in and that was 30 years ago. Appears nothing has changed. Most of the staff have bad attitudes and a lot of people say it's down to their pay. Sorry but they knew how bad the pay was when they took the job. There are a few good nurses in there but they are few and far between!!!
Nicky Pollard Omg, I've had 3 c-sections at GRH, 1 being an emergency. I had excellent care, everything I asked for was done. Lovely midwives. My first born went to SCBU, brilliant nurses. I cannot praise them enough
Katie Bicknell I had my son at GRH this weekend and absolutely couldn't fault it, despite a long difficult birth they were amazing. They reacted quickly to all problems, it was clean & The only issue I had was with a midwife whilst in the ward who was so upsetting & rude but one staff member doesn't represent the whole experience.
Sian Griffiths Let's not forget here the reason things are so dire. The hospital's have undergone massive budget cuts, leading to cutting staff and resources and are still saving lives regardless. I gave birth in Gloucester royal 3 times. The first baby was stillborn...See More
Naomi Howell When I went into labour at home I had blood clots coming out off me aswell I phoned for an ambulance straight away when they arrived they radioed ahead to triage who said my contractions were not close enough had it not been for the persistent of the paramedics who told them the state I was in I would of given birth on the bathroom floor and would of lost a lot more blood and worse.
Amy Barnes Sad story hope you feel better soon, I bleed a lot when I give birth and the midwifes always make sure my bleeding is stable before moving me, I've never had any problems with any of mine and was at Grh too x
Cheryl Ann I gave birth to my son at GRH in August 2015 and although the consultant did the right thing in getting me into delivery as soon as I walked through the door actively bleeding heavily, I found the care/attitude of the midwife left a lot to be desired. ...See More
Heather Jordan Very sad, Tbf I can't fault grh the midwives did an amazing job for me, when I was young with my nearly 7 year old and my now 1 year old boy, we were under special care the 2nd time as I had lots of extra check ups etc, my son. he had some problems after birth but they took care of him and the midwives were amazing!, the only thing is after on the ward, I just found they were under staffed which is sad really! Xx
Jennie Ashby So sad reading this. I wish this mum and all others in the comments who have had bad experiences the very best in their recoveries. I had a horrific botched induction at GRH with my second child, life threatening infection followed by emergency c secti...See More
Chloe Jaynee I don't like GRH! Me and my son nearly died.id had high blood pressure for weeks and kept telling them I didn't feel right my hands and face kept swelling and then it would go down.constant migraine which lasted 4 days.I was forever going back and fort...See More
Aaron Mcinally I understand mistakes can be made and things can be missed but I'm frequently hearing bad things about GRH. I'm sure there are a lot of very good staff there, I am certainly not convinced with others, my wife had an extremely quick labour with our firs...See More
Joanne Van This breaks my heart for this poor lady and for all you others sharing stories. It doesnt seem to be consistent as I had a complicated birth at GRH which ended in an emergency c section but I could not fault the hospital in anyway. Its very sad that my experienced is not replicated among others.
Samantha Bull The same happened to me when Samuel was born I haemorrhaged, told womb was back nicely, 10 days later rushed by ambulance to hospital GRH I was told I could have a D and C scrap if I wanted, I chose to, some placenta was there and infected, very nearly at 19 had to have a hysterectomy ...See More
Anna Higgins I feel so sorry for this woman but like some others I cannot fault Glos hospital and the maternity ward. They were amazing with me and my daughter and after my emergency caesarean when I couldn't move due to still losing too much blood. They came over ...See More
Charmaine Finney Hope mother and baby are ok GRH is getting disgusting the way they treat people. I had a baby boy in Feb last year by c-section and when I went for my operation they put the apertural in my back and then said to me can you feel any thing now I said...See More
Idella Goga My experience was no were as bad as this but as a first time mother going into labour. I was made to feel like I was wasting there time. The midwife made me feel stupid and even told one midwife she's not going to have that baby any time soon send her ...See More
Wendi Reid-shearer Heard from a few new mums that their births did not go well and they were treated with indifference and only cared about getting the beds back. Should be a wonderful experience not a shocking one.
Kirsty Brown I had a traumatic birth but the staff were amazing my little girl came 5 weeks early had to have a c section which i didnt want but was told i had 10 mins or i would and my daughter would have died i am greatfull to them for pushing it as i was determi...See More
Lisa Tranter Not quick to criticise at all. We have children. And most of us have worked so we have every right to be telling our stories, not our fault they are under staffed, the staff that are there should look after and care for women in labour and afterwards, it is a daunting thing and should always be reassured too
Alice Etkin-bell You know what, the the doctors and nurses try to do their best with the circumstances that they have(lack of fund and constant cuts). Try having to deal with constant cuts to the NHS . It may not be perfect but what can you do. Oh yes go private. Want to blame someone blame the government.
Tree Chambers I feel so sorry for you. I had really hoped that after 16 years things had changed but clearly not. After an extremely traumatic birth and a 5 day stay in GRH, feeling awful and fainting every day, I was transferred to Stroud maternity only to be told...See More
Aimée Needs My experience of glouc royal was not good! Had to be induced.. Day 1 was wasted as the procedure wasn't done correctly! By the end of day 2 I was starving because all they had left was boiled potatoes.. day 3 topped it all off.. by 11pm I couldn't stan...See More
Karolina Skarzynska I know exactly how u feel! 3.5 years ago when I had my first son I went through the same. I lost a lot of blood. I could even lift my head! The people at hospital were nasty and ignorant. They kept telling me I was ok and they wanted to send me home. A...See More
Kerry Robbins I had my little girl there 3 weeks ago. Can't fault the delivery nor midwives that delivered her but the aftercare was appalling from one midwife. Lack of communication left me in hospital for an extra day. I was told that because my bp was raised at o...See More
Rachael Brewer This happened to me at Glos hospital. Was sent home, could barely walk to car, was bk in for emergency blood transfusions a few days later. They let me leave with low blood pressure. I didn't feel like leaving but they wanted my bed lol x
Gail Round I also suffered a hemorrhage it is very scary, I was traumatised after also at Gloucester royal.
Luckily 20 years ago I treated a lot better.
Brings back horrible memories being rushed to theatre not holding my baby after birth.
Lisa Tranter It's not just about sueing the nhs. For me it's about making people aware of what could happen. I'm glad I never got as far as going home.i don't even want to think of what could of happened if I was sent home as I was!!!!!
Katy Hopkins Myself and partner and had all the help we needed they gave me pain relief which was already in my notes hours of labour and the team that helped deliver our baby was absulotuly amazing I couldn't praise them anymore was fab service we received
Lisa Mitchell This is an awful story poor Emma. But do people not realise when they sue the NHS they are taking from the rest of the public. 
Rachel Shipton I had a fab experience there 4 years ago had to have an emergency c section despite thinking I'd died they were amazing thank you GRH xx
Charlotte Jones Poor woman. If someone had listened to her they could have prevented this trauma.
Karen Reid Aww bless you Emma, how awful that must of been and still is I am guessing 🤗
Ali Phelps That's horrific, they really need to listen to patients, they know when there is something wrong.
Julie Lee Bloody sue them that's disgusting hope your getting through this x
Susan Judd It's time the CEO realizes that the hospital isn't up to the challenge for many reasons.
Belinda Young So glad my mother hood is done. .:.. that place is disgusting 😷no wonder people are sick 😪
Lynsey Marie Owens My stay wills less than pleasant also 😐
Carla Matthews Graham Adams not just me then lol


A new report says the trust that runs Gloucestershire's two main hospitals is making good progress to balance the books.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust finished the last financial year with an 18 million pound deficit.

But Chair Peter Lachecki has told Heart they're making a huge changes to stop this ever happening again.

Outline - Staff Magazine - October 2013 
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