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Saturday 22nd July

Hospital Patient found dead in toilet... (Gloucestershire Live)

Sunday 23rd July


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Volunteers make an impact across @gloshospitals - hear why AJ volunteers: (thanks @ClarksonEvans for the video!👏) gloshospitals.nhs.uk/en/Foundation-…


Would like to thank @Glos_Police @gloshospitals all the emergency staff that helped out this evening! So blessed have these guys to help us!

Congratulations and job well done!! @HandyOTJO so grateful to have your skills @gloshospitals

Heading to bed in shock....90% in my Injection masters module case study!! #handtherapy #occupationaltherapy #chuffed

Our Timely TTOs screensaver is now live ahead of new doctors starting next week. Thanks @gloshospitals comms #SAFER #Red2Green #last1000days

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See you Tues at #GloucestershireRoyal with our #99service demo bus, Wed & Thurs at #CheltenhamGeneral @gloshospitals ow.ly/81C130dXwD3

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New Maternity Insight project starts next week to help us further improve maternity services: bit.ly/2tMw56g

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@gloshospitals library away day at #UWE #gloucester campus thankyou for your hospitality great example of collaborative working @uwelibglen

The new #99service for @gloshospitals begins on 14th August 2017. Download the new timetable here. ow.ly/hf3S30dVx5g

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Amazing services from @gloshospitals today. 8 year old daughter had MRI, fab play specialist and lovely staff. Thank you! #ForestofDeanHour

Walk for Wards returns on Sunday 1st Oct, free to enter & a great way to get behind your hospitals! @gloshospitals gloshospitals.nhs.uk/en/About-Us/Ch…

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Big thank you to the staff who looked after me yesterday. Well done to you all at the hospital and the NHS

I have had reason to go to A&E on two occasions recently with my children, both with accidents at school. My first visit with my son and a cut to his eyebrow could not be faulted in any way. The process was simple and fast and the staff were exemplary. 5star ☆☆☆☆☆
On Saturday (22/7/17) however, I went to get my daughter's hand checked out. She hurt her finger in PE on Wednesday and it wasn't settling down, so we decided to get it checked out. I had taken advice from school and the pharmacist who all advised to buddy strap it to the next finger which is what we did. 
The nurse that we first spoke to asked me why I didn't bring her immediately to hospital on Wednesday. I explained that we didn't feel it necessary, especially if it were only bruised and that we had followed advice. Plus, we are always being told that A&E departments are overstretched and too many people turn up unnecessarily at A&E. The manner with which she then spoke to me was shocking. She said I was negligent and that not bringing my child to A&E within 48 hours was a safeguarding issue!! She then proceeded to ask my 12 year old a series of questions about who she lived with, about our domestic set up, who she could be afraid of at home, domestic abuse in the house, drink and drugs in the house!!!! I was so stunned. It transpired that the questions were 'standard' questions that all are asked but it was the manner with which she did it, especially straight off the back of suggesting I was a negligent mother and that it was a Safeguarding matter....as if she was filling out some kind of report/complaint against me. My 12 year old felt very uncomfortable and when she didn't understand the lady, who spoke with a strong accent, she had to ask her to repeat the questions. My daughter said to me afterwards that the only person she was afraid of was 'that woman asking the questions!!! '
Later, the physiotherapist that we saw was extremely nice and explained that by waiting a few days to see if her hand settled and buddy strapping her fingers, had all been the act of a responsible parent and we had acted in a perfectly correct manner. Speaking to 2 other ladies with their children in the waiting room, they too had felt very uncomfortable with the manner of this first nurse and some of the things she said to them. I appreciate now that there is a form to be filled in and protocol to follow for all. But, all she had to do was explain that in advance...and keep her opinions on my decisions and actions as a mother to herself. This member of staff would benefit from some training in dealing with members of the public. 
Apart from this....everyone else we saw; the physio, the chap in x-ray, the ladies on the reception desk, and the service we received were ALL excellent. Thank you. We are back on Monday for our follow up!

Staff were great - professional and caring. They listened to my concerns and did their best to help me. Just a shame I had to wait a total of 18 months from referal to get procedure done - that's the only negative part.

Walk for Wards is back!

Join us on 1st October to raise funds for extra care and equipment in your local hospitals, you can even choose to support a particular ward or area of the hospitals.

With family friendly routes, dogs welcome and some amazing music from The Metz Big Band this is a great way to get behind your hospitals.

There r 2 waiting rooms on children's side, i was sat up the top end with my boy yesterday, the doctor only called down the one end where he could clearly see other people sat opposite the desk, i no there busy but dosent take a second to ask, if i hadn't of said my son's name to them he would of been discharged and we would of still been sat waiting,

Clean, effective,efficient, easy to get there, good coffee, plenty of information counter.

Thank you to all the staff.Everybody was really nice and helpfull.

Only saw the bit with rooms we needed, but I gather it's large & spread out


Renee Le Poidevin reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star

This appointment was for my father. He was nervous and on edge about the treatment he was to receive. On arrival, there was no waiting we were called through on time. The nursing team were really attentive and all had a gsoh. Everything was clearly explained about the procedure and the whole process was comfortable and swift. Dr Bodycombe and team were very professional and caring. Thank you for the care, support, time and effort

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Published by Kate Jeal ·  July 26 at 11:14am ·  

Volunteers across the trust celebrated their long service awards with afternoon tea in the grounds of the Cheltenham Cricket festival on July 16. Richard Graham, MP and Klara Sudbury, Mayor of Cheltenham, joined staff and directors to say thank you for the amazing contribution our team of volunteers make to our hospitals. 
A huge thank you to our Charity Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity plus sponsors CamperVin, Orchard Catering, Make Their Day, Florist, King Builders & Tesco for making this event possible.


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