July Week 3

Saturday 11th July


Sunday 12th July


Monday 13th July


Tuesday 14th July


Wednesday 15th July

Hospitals open door to curious (Echo & Citizen) p20

Following press release issued by the Communications Team, the papers flag up our AGM.

Art will brighten up wards (Citizen) p13

Short news item with image flagging up our ArtWorks project.

Thursday 16th July

Calls made to open CGH's A&E Department 24 hour (Citizen) 

Article follows the recent HOSC meeting. News item wrongly states that our EDs are closed overnight.

Hospital food waste (BBC Radio Gloucestershire) 

Presented Anna King discusses a national story about food wasted in hospitals and listeners called in to talk about their experiences of food in our hospitals including meals that were too large.

Friday 17th July

No 24 hour A&E is putting people's lives in danger (Echo) p10

One of several printed letters/ emails from readers in reaction to the  news item (see previous day) regarding A&E. 

AGM with a difference (BBC Radio Gloucestershire) 

Positive coverage following our AGM in the news bulletin and as a feature in the Mark Cummings Breakfast Show with interviews with our attendees, hearing services and women's services' Dawn Morall. Available for 29 days following broadcast.

Hospital food waste ctd..(BBC Radio Gloucestershire) 

The Anna King Show follows up on the show yesterday just after 10am, speaks to callers about getting too much food - highlighted the quality of the food. Hospital Porter 'Paul' called in and said a quarter of the food thrown away is because they get moved around the hospital. The producer relayed info we provided about some of the work going on at our hospitals and flagged up an interview with our catering team next week.

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