June 2016 Week 3

Saturday 11th June

Cotswold Hospital Radio celebrates reaching 40 (Echo)

 The volunteer hospital radio station celebrates their anniversary of broadcasting to our patients over the last forty years

Sunday 12th June


Monday 13th June

Gloucestershire Carers Exhibition (Citizen) p30

A full-page photo-based feature featureing the displays on our Atrium at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital as part of national carer's week

Tuesday 14th June

Of Interest: South West Ambulance Service to terminate contract for out of hours GP care in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live) 

The journalist looks at a change of service provision for the out of hours GP service provided at community hospitals around the county and onsite at Cheltenham General Hospital by South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust 

Wednesday 15th June

Patients' personal details from Cheltenham General Hospital ward left in street (Gloucestershire Live

A handover sheet found in the street is handed in to the newspaper. With comment from our Chief Executive Deborah Lee regarding our internal investigation.

Thursday 16th June

Patients' personal details from Cheltenham General Hospital ward left in street (Citizen) p16

As above, but on the hard copy of the paper

Friday 17th June



GHNHSFT retweeted

As mum is away, I'm in charge of dad for his eye op. Lovely service at #cheltenhamhospital


#Mural #painting @gloshospitals Thanks Niki Whitfield and @PittvilleSchool. pic.twitter.com/wVZ0PBYZik

@gloshospitals a massive thank you to everyone at CGH who helped make my daughter, Brogan's experience in A&E and CCU so positive #stars x

@gloshospitals Thanks for inviting Pulhams Coaches. Glad we can support this initiative with a discounted travel for staff from 1st July.

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Great evening at @gloshospitals Staff Awards. What stars we have among our staff. Thank you to all of you.

in reply to 

@DavePage999 Sorry to hear this, but thank you for flagging it up - Have reported to our Estates team to sort.

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Very proud to have accepted an award on behalf of one of our Diagnostic Radiography students @gloshospitals staff awards @SCoRMembers

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#TeamRenal at @gloshospitals Staff Awards. Celebrating some fantastic achievements together. #TeamGlosHospitals pic.twitter.com/UURtM0jRJ

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Congrats to Jan who won the award for our Listening and Learning project! twitter.com/gloshospitals/…

Jan Wood is the winner of the Listening & Learning Award. Well done Jan! #TeamGlosHospitals pic.twitter.com/TdOmQI7dUy 

GHNHSFT retweeted

@gloshospitals thank you for a great nite thank you for my long service award and gift#proudtoworkfornhsglos

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@gloshospitals still thinking about the staff awards. Incredible staff, inspiring commitment and dedication. #proud #TeamGlosHospitals


All our nominees for this year’s Patient’s Choice Award are winners! Huge congrats to all. #TeamGlosHospitals pic.twitter.com/BdOrRcU5kG


Dave Richards Six years ago I spent a lengthy period in ICU/DCC between Leicester Glenfield and Gloucester Royal. When I awoke from a four week coma, confused and scared, Dr Twigg was always on hand to re-assure me and explain my treatment and progress with sensitivity. Through a dark period, I always felt safe under his watch and I'm sure that benefitted my recovery. Thank you Dr Twigg and congratulations on a well deserved nomination.


The details of 34 patients on the Guiting Ward were found on the pavement

Nicola Hayward I love how someone has found this document and ran to the press with it. Probably some poor nurse has unknowingly lost this out of their uniform pocket, completely by accident, and will be totally mortified by this. Whilst it's not ideal, it clearly is an accident.
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Julie Stanley
Julie Stanley Alex Shipman...Echo reporter. Surely the fact that YOU have actually published this document is massive breach of patient confidentiality in itself??? This document should have gone into a confidentiality waste bin. In reality, it was probably accident...See More
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Jennie Bowden Hookway
Jennie Bowden Hookway Is it a slow news day Echo? 

Most likely lost by accident, probably from an overworked medical professional. ...See More
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Marina Mason
Marina Mason Why publicise this!!! Have some decency and decline the information.... Maybe hand it back to the hospital and limit the Breach of patient info passed on.... It was an obvious mistake by a member of staff who now could lose their job as it's been exaggerated by the press!!!
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Chantelle Penhorwood-richards
Chantelle Penhorwood-richards have you ever actually read a handover sheet porperly Alex Shipman??? or even asked a nurse or HCA why certain pieces of information is on one??? there is never a full address on one and full addresses always remain confidential.Heath workers need to k...See More
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James Jimmy James
James Jimmy James Jan Coleman looks like a handover sheet. That would be given to both nurses and health care assistants at the start of a shift.
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Sian Bastin
Sian Bastin Ceri Bastin maybe this us where your discharge notes went!!! Lol
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Chantelle Gill
Chantelle Gill I have to dispose of mine before I leave work in assure bin 🚮
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Leah Burke
Leah Burke Dave Burke could have been me... 😳
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Annmarie Shardlow
Annmarie Shardlow Someones in for a telling off...
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Jan Coleman
Jan Coleman Why did the nurse have them?
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