June 2017 Week 1

Saturday 3rd June

Coroner says further hospital weekend deaths 'possible' (BBC  News)

Sunday 4th June


Monday 5th June


Tuesday 6th June


Wednesday 7th June

Have you signed yet? (Gloucestershire Live)

Thursday 8th June

Patient experience improves following upgrade (RAD magazine)

New report calls for training to combat Legionella maintenance failings (BBH)

Exclusive: May, Corbyn and Farron on their vision for Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live)

Friday 9th June




Thank you to all the volunteers who work with us #VolunteersWeek2017. You really do help us make a difference to our patients @gloshospitals


Matt Woods reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
12 hrs ·  

Had to take my son with a suspected broken wrist. Every one of the staff we had to engage with were very pleasant & helpful constantly reassuring my worried son that he would be fine & put him at ease. My only slight criticism would be the lack of chairs for adults in the children's waiting area so after completing a 10 hour shift at work, very unconfortable having to either stand or squatting on one of the minutest kiddies chairs for over 2 hours

Dezra Davies reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 4 star
17 hrs ·  

The hospital is huge it has a 4 level multi storey car park very expensive £4 for 1 hour 20 mins but the staff were lovely although had to stop someone on his break to find where to go

The doctors and nurses are excellent since John has been diagnosed with cancer the information given to us has been outstanding, a lot to take in but incredible

The team in Oncology are great . So helpful . Helped my elderly grandad get to the right hospital after a mess up by our family . 
Also one of your volunteers Mr A Wilson . What an amazing man .

Long wait in a@e then backward and forwards to sit back down to wait before seeing ENT doctor.. eventually admitted..
Then up to the ward where I was looked after well
Staff was so nice.. got me on antibiotics and fluids straight away.. I have no complaints they have really looked after me... our hospital staff do their very best most of the time . They are always rushed off their feet. People moan about the NHS but we are so lucky we still have it...
Thanks to everyone who cared for me this time in hospital

I was referred to the Hospital by an Orthopaedic Consultant for a precautionary CT Scan. I arrived a few minutes early, but the process started exactly at the time scheduled. The service was friendly and efficient. The scan itself took place exactly when scheduled and after a 20 minute 'recovery' I was able to leave. All very stress free.
I have been to the Radiography Department in Cheltenham a few times before and have always been impressed by their calm and efficient service.

The NHS have been amazing with my daughter as she has broken her arm twice in the last 3 months.Amazing service... wonderful caring staff... thank you all for what you do. Xx

My daughter had an EEG yesterday and blood tests recently, fabulous staff so friendly and patient with her, she has bad veins and was terrified after bad experiences elsewhere but the peadiatrics were incredible.



A Coroner says there is a risk that future deaths will occur during the weekends at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, unless action is taken.

It follows the death of a man in a Gloucestershire hospital over a weekend
Helen Court
Helen Court As Cheltenham General A&E is shut after 8pm Mon-Fri and at weekends all emergencies to to Glos. Having been there at those time its like a cattle market! Queueing out to the door. Its diabolical and shameful! 
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 · 20 hrs
Andrew Slade
Andrew Slade welcome to tory britain 
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 · 19 hrs
Kelly Lessel
Kelly Lessel It says gloucester royal on the post but the article is about cheltenham general. I have received shocking care at cheltenham which has caused a worsening in my condition. Gloucester royal is always super busy but have always done their best.
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Peta King
Peta King Get out and vote for a change of government on 8th June if you want to see this decline halt and be reversed!
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Jayne Tibbles
Jayne Tibbles Very sad
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Andrew Slade
Andrew Slade labour will sort it out after the torys have smashed the nhs
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Andrew Slade
Andrew Slade the torys don't need the nhs they are rich pricks who go private
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Sue Scott
Sue Scott Terrible stroke unit.Care is awful.Hope no-one else I know ever ends up there.Was great when it was at Cheltenham and my dad was a patient.
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