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New night time urgent care centre could be introduced at CGH (Gloucestershire Live)

Lifesaving freewheelers mark 10 years' service for the NHS in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Live)

Willy Twiston-Davies sidelined by two fractured vertebrae (Sky News)

Inside Health IBS interview (BBC Radio 4)

Thursday 16th March

The importance of taking care of your kidneys (Gloucester Review)

Friday 17th March

Blood Bikes anniversary interview with Nicky Price (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)


@gloshospitals never appreciated the #NHS more than this week! Absolute superstars at #neonatal #Raith #Reuben #twinboys #thankful 💙💙

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Part of a brilliant interview by Amy, level 2 apprentice @gloshospitals,for every teenager #Gloucester thinking about their future

Looking out over Gloucester and Cheltenham post hospital appointment. I could see all the way to Wales ⛅🐳

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Please sign the petition to fully reinstate Cheltenham Hospital A&E opening hours!

Gloucester hospital is legit a joke 😂😂😂😂

Gloucester cathedral taken from my hospital ward window when i was a inpatient

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Big #Thankyou to school girl Briony Dundo who raised an amazing £500 for Lilleybrook Ward by doing a sponsored silence @gloshospitals

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Patricia Fear reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
3 hrs ·  

The care was superb! Could not have asked for better. Lovely staff and reassuring atmosphere. Well done to all.

Helpful and cheerful staff. My outpatient appointment was late but I am sure that my consultant surgeon and the other staff would have preferred to finish on time. I was last but there was no rush to get away: I was examined and all my conerns addressed. The NHS is something we should cherish, and our Government should fund properly. The Chancellor should spend his windfall on the NHS instead of paying for the fallout from brexit.

Entered A&E yesterday not being able to breathe..( SEVERE ASTHMA ATTACK) I understand that there are waiting times etc, I was taken through to triage after approx. 20 mins of waiting in reception. To which my blood pressure and blood oxygen was taken. Also a peak flow done. The triage nurse did not think it was priority enough to be in A&E so sent me through to OOH where I was left for 2 hours waiting, unable to breathe properly. It was only when the receptionist and one of the asthma nurses kept walking by, that they realised I needed to be a priority and got me in to be seen. Once in a bay I was given a nebuliser and issued with steroids. I can't fault what eventually happened but I should have been treated in A&E (Accident and Emergency). I do believe that not being able to breathe when asthmatic is an emergency. Very disappointed in A&E!

Chris Baish reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
10 hrs ·  

I have been in with my wife and son today as he was having his tonsils out.

People all too often take to social media to complain, so I wanted to get in touch to do completely the opposite.

Thank you for your outstanding care and service today. Every member of staff we met made us feel welcome and genuinely cared-for, from the chap at the reception desk who took us to the ward rather than pointing to it (even taking the stairs himself instead of the lift so there was enough room for us), to the cleaner who asked me this evening how I was doing, and the nurses and consultants who listened intently while our little lad asked endless questions. Thank you everyone. We felt like customers not an inconvenience. Absolutely brilliant and ��� to you all.

Ron Rudge reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 4 star
20 hrs ·  

I was only there for some blood tests but didn't have to wait long. Staff was very polite and very good, The NHS is still a wonderful service and the staff does an amazing job.

Jaclyn Kew reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 2 star
20 hrs ·  

Don't let you know they are running late no map to get here ,and to top
It parking 1.90 per hour rubbish

Used out of hours doctors beginning of Feb at 1am - slightly frustrating that had to go to grh when I can see Cheltenham from lounge window! However they were fantastic and treated my frightened two year old amazingly.
My mother had a routine appointment at imaging 1 and all staff there were fab - in and out in under half an hour. Great job guys and big thank you

I would not be here to write this if they were not here.
Many thanks.

Horrendous stay & wanted to discharge myself.

God I would hate to get old & be left with my own vomit on me for 40 minutes. Even with Dementia this elderly lady was banging with her cup to say she had been sick, I also used my button to try & get a Nurses attention...

They need organisation, care, compassion & give patients dignity.

They also need to give accurate diagnosis, monitor Morphine levels & actually put a name band on their patient, otherwise how do they know who they are administering the correct dosage & have the right patient..?

Such great friendly service. My daughter was seen really quickly and the staff were lovely

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust added 2 new photos.
Published by Alison Warren · March 16, 2016 ·  

Our maternity team were honoured to help support the arrival of this beautiful, very special baby boy today. Rebecca Parker went into labour and delivered her baby in our hospital car park after calling midwives from the car. It was her third child and experience told her she wouldn't have time to make it to the Women's Centre as planned. Thankfully, a team of midwives rushed to her aid and welcomed her lovely baby boy to the world at 1.28pm this afternoon. He hasn't been named yet, but we hope you'll join us in wishing Rebecca, partner Matthew and their growing family all the best for the future. Congratulations! And well done maternity! #TeamGlosHospitals

Have a listen to Dr Alex di Mambro, gastroenterologist, and dietician Clare Oldale talking to Dr Mark Porter on BBC Radio 4's Inside Health about their excellent Refractory IBS Service. We are about seven minutes in!

Dr Mark Porter presents a series that aims to demystify perplexing health issues.

Always have a great experience there. Physio this time.

a big thankyou to all the lovely nurses and doctors who looked after me before during and after my surgery you all do excellent jobs multitasking everywhere thanks �

Ben King reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
20 hrs ·  

Went in for an angeo gram. Ended up with a stent in my main artery that will now prolong my life.
Cannot thank both gloucester royal and Cheltenham general hospital enough.
Brilliant service and friendly staff.

Heidi Dear reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 5 star
21 hrs ·  

Fantastic staff always there to help. Never found a problem. Oncology in Cheltenham are the best.

Great care especially the urology dept. Donna & the rest of the team do a great job, felt confident in my care there

I cant praise these people enough. I got the best care and also kindness. They deserve the best pay possible. The food was fine. Its mass catering so they do really well. Thank you so much

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Published by Kate Jeal ·  16 hrs ·  

Our Consultant Nurse Ian Ingledew was awarded Oncology Nurse of the Year at the British Journal of Nursing (BJN) awards last week. 
Ian is delighted to have won this prestigious award and beat off stiff competition from wonderful nurses at other Trusts. His nomination acknowledged his role in several innovations in our Cancer Services over the last 25 years including the mobile chemotherapy units, chemotherapy helpline and sperm banking for men receiving chemotherapy treatment. He is constantly striving to further improve services for our patients and to delivering the very best care. Well done Ian!

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Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Hayley-Charlene Jones
Hayley-Charlene Jones I had the privilege of having Ian part of my cancer treatment 11yrs ago when I was newly diagnosed at the aged of 18, he was just AMAZING making sure I had all my options offered to me and making sure I was receiving the best possible care and he never...See More 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  12 · 15 hrs
Jane Brooks
Jane Brooks Congratulations Ian, you were an enormous help during my sons treatment some years ago. Dave has Down's Syndrome and Ian was amazing with him as we're all the staff, well done! X 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  5 · 16 hrs
Alison Lovett-Turner
Alison Lovett-Turner Absolutely deserved, an excellent leader. An accolade for Ian and the unit. So lucky to work, within Gloucestershire Oncology Centre 😆 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  3 · 14 hrs
Linda Burns McNee
Linda Burns McNee Congratulations Ian. Well deserved. You were such a support for us. Calm any together when we felt everything was falling apart, out of our control. X 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 9 hrs
Andrea McMahon
Andrea McMahon Well deserved, was brilliant with me through my treatment 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  3 · 16 hrs
Leta Luther-Ferris
Leta Luther-Ferris I've met him a couple of times through my treatment. A lovely man, a well deserved award. Congratulations ian. 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 16 hrs
Nina Hodgson
Nina Hodgson Not surprised at all! Always professional, knowledgeable and very approachable. Well done Ian x 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 15 hrs · Edited
Chris N Grant Newman
Chris N Grant Newman Lovely guy! Met him few times during Grants treatment. 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 15 hrs
Helen Brooke
Helen Brooke Fantastic ... he looked after my mum 25 years ago and was fantastic then 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 15 hrs
Michèle Dawber-King
Michèle Dawber-King Chemo helpline is so reassuring. Wonderful idea and dedication. Congratulations! 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 10 hrs
Laura Strong
Laura Strong Congratulations Ian this is amazing and so deserved xx 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs · Edited
Rachel Currie
Rachel Currie Absolutely well deserved amazingly well done, you have truly earned this with your utmost professionalism compassion and dedication 
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 12 hrs
Pippa Patrick Was Shaw
Pippa Patrick Was Shaw Congratulations Ian, what a fantastic award. Well deserved.x
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs
Heather Remblance
Heather Remblance Well done, we are lucky to have someone. Like this working in Gloucestershire
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 12 hrs
Hayley Maxwell
Hayley Maxwell Congratulations Ian, always a pleasure to work with and so helpful xx
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 13 hrs
Jo Pain
Jo Pain Congratulations Ian, amazing recognition for all your hard work!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs · Edited
Diana Samuel
Diana Samuel E was 1 of Sammy nurses e was lovely e help Sammy a lot well done Ian x
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 13 hrs
Janette Lyne Parkes
Janette Lyne Parkes Congratulations Ian from California. You deserve it. 
Thank you for enhancing the nursing role, you are leading the way for all nurses everywhere.
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 13 hrs
Mandy Timms
Mandy Timms Well deserved. Helped me through my treatments.
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 16 hrs
Katie Clive
Katie Clive Well done congratulations you deserve it
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs
Alta Viljoen
Alta Viljoen Congratulations, Ian, well deserved
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs
Angela Winters
Angela Winters Excellent news Ian!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 10 hrs
Lara Gibbs
Lara Gibbs Great work well done Ian!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs
Carol Bishop
Carol Bishop Well done Ian x
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  2 · 14 hrs
Christine Moon
Christine Moon Very kind to me through my treatment too x
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs
Karen Easton
Karen Easton Many congratulations, Ian - well deserved 👍🏻
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs
Vicky Goff
Vicky Goff Congratulations Ian well deserved
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 14 hrs
Maxine Towers
Maxine Towers Well deserved. Congratulations Ian
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 16 hrs
Lucy Blake
Lucy Blake Absolutely brilliant! 👏🏻👏🏻
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs
Sarah Reilly
Sarah Reilly Very VERY well deserved. Congratulations Ian 🎉
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 12 hrs
Tomasz Cejrowski
Tomasz Cejrowski Congratulations!!!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 15 hrs
Jennie Wike
Jennie Wike Much deserved Ian, well done
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs
Rob Collins
Rob Collins Congratulations Ian!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 13 hrs
Lisa Daniels
Lisa Daniels Congratulations Ian 😊
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 14 hrs
Melanie Lewis
Melanie Lewis Well done. Very well deserved Ian.
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 13 hrs
Alan Pulley
Alan Pulley Well done Ian
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Kath Goodwin
Kath Goodwin Congratulations Ian
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Siobhan Sheridan
Siobhan Sheridan Huge congratulations from me Ian 😊😊😊
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 14 hrs
Diane Evans
Diane Evans Much deserved Ian well done.xx
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 11 hrs
Kate Trigg-Hogarth
Kate Trigg-Hogarth Congratulations Ian 🍾
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Nikki Hawkins
Nikki Hawkins Well done - very well deserved!
Unlike · Reply · Message ·  1 · 14 hrs
Diane Arnold
Diane Arnold Fantastic Ian very proud to know you, Diane Arnold
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Lorraine Cowie
Lorraine Cowie Congratulations Ian , well deserved x
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Nicola Hayward
Nicola Hayward Total legend and inspiration
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Helen Jones
Helen Jones Congratulations
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Lyn Hannis
Lyn Hannis Very well done.
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Gemma Gillingham
Gemma Gillingham Very well deserved. Ian sees my Mum as part of her ongoing cancer treatment in Cheltenham - she loves him as he always smiles at her, even when he's giving us bad news. Thank you for being so nice.
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Sylvia Jellyman
Sylvia Jellyman Well deserved, congratulations Ian. He was fantastic and so supportive to me when I was going through my chemotherapy treatment
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Carol Simpson
Carol Simpson Very well deserved Ian - you are an inspiration to all. People like you make the most traumatic time of your life more bearable. Thank you.
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Elayne Longhurst
Elayne Longhurst Many congratulations Ian, what a wonderful achievement ! You should be very proud.
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