March Week 4

Saturday 21st March


Sunday 22nd March


Monday 23rd March

Cancer patient hopes his story will inspire others (Malvern Gazette)

Former CGH patients talks about his experience with cancer

Green Party MP candidate Adam Van Coevorden 'profits are being put before people' (Echo)

The parliamentary candidate looks at the NHS.

Tuesday 24th March

If a child's death didn't upset me, I'm in the wrong job (Echo) p29

Full page positive feature based on an interview with Lead Paediatric Nurse Natasha Bull as organised by the Communications Team.

See also: 'Dealing with the death of a child doesn't get any easier over the years' (Citizen) p12-13

Double page 'Big Interview' feature as above

Diabetic tests hit the road for county appointments (Citizen & Echo) p20

Half page positive photographic article with photos of our Non-Executive Director Mike Evans, Consultant Opthalmologist Professor Peter Scanlon and Dr Roy Lamb from the Stroud Hospitals League of Friends following a press release and photocall as arranged by the Communications Team regarding the formal launch of the new diabetic eye screening service.

Web support for neonatal service (Echo & Citizen) p20

Short and informative news item regarding a new SW Neonatal Network website, as issued by the Communications Team.

Website revamp for mums-to-be (Citizen) p27

News item regarding our new-look maternity webpages as lifted from our internal magazine Outline.

Wednesday 25th March

Profit put before people with NHS (Echo) p34

Green party candidate talks about the NHS

Thursday 26th March

Gloucester man reported missing after hospital visit (Citizen) 

Short news item following the disappearance of a man from GRH

Update: missing man who discharged himself from GRH has been found (Wilts and Glos Std)

As above

MP Richard Graham visits the Oesophageal Cancer unit at GRH (Citizen) p22

Hard copy headline: We're lucky to have a great cancer team: MP

Positive article following the visit to our hospitals as supported by our Communications Team. With quote from Professor Hugh Barr.


Friday 27th March


Tweets of the week

@gloshospitals A&E dept Cheltenham were incredible yesterday when husband admitted with #femur . Thank you to all staff for #amazingcare.

Lovely article in the Citizen and Echo today about nurse Natasha Bull: #teamgloshospitals

Gloucester hospital scares me 


Big up Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for looking after my sister and new nephew so well @gloshospitals :)


@Chelt52 @gloshospitals they are fantastic there, great maternity ward and staff!!


Cheltenham General Hospital and St. Pauls Medical Centre are a f*****g joke. What a bunch of f*****g c**ts they are in there.

@EmmaThurston23 @premrugby I've heard that he's already set to carry out a placement at Gloucester Royal Hospital, a return very likely.

Think I'll use #cheltenham #hospital if I need it, so much for #WorldClassWorcs…

@gloshospitals Surgical team Theatre/ recovery team Ward 3b team are amazing! All living the values. Will never be able to thank enough.



We have been awarded Employer of the Year at the South West Apprenticeship Awards and three of our apprentices have been highly commended.

The awards coincided with National Apprenticeship Week (9th – 13th March 2015) and as a part of this week, we took the opportunity to highlight opportunities within our hospitals.

Co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service, the week is designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, busines...

See More

Great interview with Children's Nurse Natasha Bull in todays's Echo and Citizen.

When Natasha Bull starts her working day - or night - she doesn't know what it will bring. It might be blowing bubbles to make a child smile, or dealing with a...

NHS Choices

Anonymous gave Accident and emergency services at Cheltenham General Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Efficient and effective

Having fallen and injured my wrist I went initially to Tewkesbury Hospital where I was seen straight away, given pain relief and following an xray was sent to Cheltenham General A&E. My xray was sent electronically to Cheltenham and I was seen by the triage nurse and the doctor within an hour and told that he would try and manipulate the bone back into place with a local anaesthetic. The department was very busy but I was still treated in a timely manner. Following a further xray I had to attend the fracture clinic and an appointment was made for the next morning, I was seen promptly by the Consultant and advised an operation was necessary and the trauma nurse arranged this for the following morning. Throughout the whole process I have been very impressed with all the doctors, nursing staff and plaster technicians, their kindness and caring approach helped me through a very traumatic experience.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 19 March 2015

Rosa Mills gave Children's & Adolescent Services at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Outstanding staff who are the backbone of department

The staff at gloucester childrens hospital are amazing. I cannot thank them enough for what they did for me and my two girls today after another dept messed up my daughters appointment. Such a dedicated, thoughtful and caring team :)

Visited in March 2015. Posted on 20 March 2015

Anonymous gave General Surgery at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Thank you so much!

To say I was a little nervous about attending the GR Day Unit to have an operation was an understatement, but as soon as I arrived I was put at ease by the friendly nurses and doctors. The care given was incredible and I cannot recommend highly enough. 

The only minor negative was the person on reception - people attending the day care unit are naturally going to anxious and nervous. This receptionist's attitude was rude and lacked compassion. Rather than saying "good morning" in a nice tone they just said "coming to collect your letters". A shame really as this person was front of house representing the whole unit.... They didn't do the place justice! 

Anyway - so impressed with the work of the doctor, the assistant doctor and the anaesthetist who worked on the 20.3.15 - what a huge credit they are to the NHS and I felt privileged to receive treatment from them!

Thanks again - would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks ??

Visited in March 2015. Posted on 23 March 2015

Website feedback

Paul McCafferty

Good Morning I was admitted to your hospital in December. I was told on discharge I would need an operation to remove my gall bladder and have heard nothing since. In fact my whole discharge was a shambles including waiting hours for medication that when it turned up was not labelled correctly so I had to visit my gp for medication. Can somebody please contact me and let me know what's happening.

Max Shaw

First of all after having waited 5 months to see just 2 different doctors I was finally referred to physio. My letter came through the day of my appointment. Due to having not received a letter I tried to ring the physio department the day before said appointment to try and find out any information. I rang on 13 separate occasions, with the phone not being answered once. I since then tried to get through the following day on 6 separate occasions and again today, having the phone answered after 4 attempts. Regardless of the appointment I have now missed this is the number I was told to ring to arrange one should the one given me not be convenient. I must now wait a further 3 weeks for an appointment due to the simple fact that 1. my letter was not posted out in good time and 2. the physio department were unable to answer MY 23 calls across 3 days. I now cannot earn a living wage and supply for my family because of the sheer incompetence of my local NHS trust. If any light can be shed on this shambles of an institution it would be much appreciated. If not, I shall be filing freedom of information requests to find out how many staff are being employed to deal with how many patients and hopefully find out just how poorly the trust is being run. WHY IS THE NHS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE?!

John Leeson

I have been trying to make an appointment to have my hearing aid repaired since Mon. 2nd March. I have phoned the contact numbers given to me by Cheltenham Audiology Reception every day since then at several times of the day. On the first three contact numbers i have obtained only the engaged tone although once I got a reply telling me you were very busy. The 4th number on the contact list (0300 422 8469) got me through to the pain clinic ! I have filled in a form at Cheltenham which I understand is forwarded to Glos. Audiology but I have had no response from there either. Can you please tell me how to obtain an appointment either at Cheltenham or Gloucester?




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