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Four new Macmillan support workers at GRH deliver improved cancer care (Wilts & Glos Standard)

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Heartbreak after schoolgirl died in a PE lesson (The Sun)

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Gamma support company is always ready to help (RAD Magazine)


Gloucester Hospital signs... "Please turn off your mobile".... "Wi-Fi is available here".. Make your minds up guys!! 🤔😉

2 years ago today I spent my bank holiday sat in Gloucester hospital followed by Cheltenham hospital💔 that's when things changed for good😶

@Glos_CareNHS @GlosCCG @gloshospitals good morning and hope your having a fantastic Active week, 16hrs of our American challenge to go🏃🏃🏃

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@gloshospitals Midwives are #fundraising for Jaundice Meters to support newborn babies - support them through…

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Looking forward to welcoming @Sharon16298930 as the new Deputy COO to @gloshospitals tomorrow

Not long until the Bristol 10K on Sunday! Click here to support our runners & @gloshospitals #CharityTuesday

@scalpcooling Troops assembled and ready to combat Chemotherapy induced hair loss #CheltenhamHospital - Oncology Centre #ChasingZeroHairLoss

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My nan received excellent treatment from the A&E department yesturday. Thank you

Karen Cozens I'll second that. Gold standard care from professional, warm & friendly staff.

My 2 year old had to have surgery all the staff were amazing and kind from the cleaners offering drinks, to the nurses calming her to the anaesthetic team keeping me calm 🙂 They don't get the praise they deserve !

A and E dept.!!!! Time and motion study. If you went in to a company and were greeted with staff chatting at reception what would your first impressions be? Then wait to be seen, hopefully within 4 hrs, only to have people arrive and go constantly for 6 hrs and you are still sat there and the only one sat there at times, would your first impression improve? To have to ask several times when will my daughter be seen and for that information not to be offered or an explanation. To see total lack of urgency of staff, including drs, walking around aimlessly are you impressed yet? To see a patient, then spend 15 mins in office with door shut, knowing little girl waiting. You get your hopes up they are being efficient and reading notes, but alas no, when called in finally, have to go through whole details even to the point of asking me if she has had a temperature! This was checked twice by the same company, the NHS!! Can I please have my money back?

All good apart from the prices of parking. I think its disgusting having to pay £10-40 for 24 hours when you have a child in hospital for over a week. As if its not a stressful enough time Gloucester county council have the cheek to charge over £70 a week for parking. Think this should be looked at as i think its ridiculous.

Like most hospitals in the country, the staff generally do an excellent job, with lots of caring and compassion, despite extraordinary pressure they are sometimes under, a severe lack of resources and under-investment elsewhere in the health and social care system.

Awful, awful... I was sent home 2 wks prior due to a misunderstanding about anaesthetic, letter said local they said general ? Rebooked appointment, was told general anesthetic (had pre-op) sent letter go to day surgery, received phonecall there's no room on day surgery must go to surgical admissions, (received another letter confirming the change) 28th April starving no food/drink due to general anesthetic got to surgical admissions haven't a clue who I am, took my letter, phonecall later they're expecting me in day surgery, go round settle in, speak to 2 nurses all gd, speak to Tira Galm doing surgery, I'm having local anaesthetic !!! �� She went spoke to a nurse about my concerns not sure they know what they've doing spoke to 2 ENT surgeons who assure me they usually do it under local anaesthetic up to me expressed I'm confused & upset was told previously they always do general hence rebooked appointment, alot of sorting out was done due to this, change insurance, so I had transport, children school run sorted dropping off & collection & children stopping out with family due to having general anesthetic not sure how I would be, anyway I opted for local anaesthetic in by 9am home by 10:30am. The best part was meeting some lovely nurses who looked after me so thank you to the nurses

Pre admission appt for my autistic son.. they were brilliant and handled things well

Waiting 50 mins to see the consultant. In and out in five minutes. Don't listen, talking over you, putting words in your mouth. Shut the front gate and jump the hedge! See you next month again!

Been and seen my mum as she's in the tower block and thank all the doctors & nurses that do there best and help & care for all the patients in her ward

i have always praised gloucester royal,recently had spinal surgery after 6 years of waiting,dont live in gloucester so travel 75 mile round trip for each appointment whether it was to cross match blood ,or a mri spinal surgery has left me with a few issues where i now need a life changing op which will change my life dramatically... i am laying no blame with gloucester hospital but instead of being helped yesterday once my surgeon knew of this finding he told me he was discharging me "nothing more he could do"... feel really let down.. and have lost my fave in everyone right atm..

I have never had a bad experience at the GRH. All staff efficient and courteous.

Excellent staff on snowshill ward couldn't do enough to help. thank very much.

I have been to receive chemotherapy on several occasions and found everyone to be friendly and very helpful can not fault them at all

I think the staff was absolutely brilliant and looked after me from start to finish thank you all x

A+E is the worst it's ever been waiting over 5 hours and at that point to be told theres 6 ppl infront of u is ridiculous I'm defo avoiding there at all costs!!!

Staff are fantastic and I cannot fault their dedication and care but I do object to paying £2 an hour for the parking.

18 hrs ·  

A and E department have been great. I have visited several times over the last 3 weeks with my daughter. They have been massively busy each time but have contacted the relevant departments and given my daughter the best possible care, managing her pain and bringing appointments forward. Thanks

Food is absolutely appalling, needs to improve

Laura Jane reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital — 5 star
19 hrs ·  

Excellent service from PAU department they couldn't do enough for us! Thank you.

Susan Snook reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital — 4 star
18 hrs ·  

Chemo team are amazing the consultants and Drs are so helpful and do everything they can to ensure you are coping. Nurses administring chemo are friendly and sensitive to individual needs, all superstars who work 12 hour days with a smile, big thank you to Amy who looked after my chemo administration, you are a ray of sunshine and my bits are x that I see you next time. Bless you all.


My mum broke her arm on Monday and after waiting 6 hours in a&e fir 3 x-rays to confirm that it was a nasty complex fracture that needed pining got sent home! At first the said the first available appointment was 8th may but the call today confirmed Friday! When has it become acceptable to send people home from hospital in pain with a broken arm and make them wait 5 days to be seen with no garauntee of treatment?? Appalled and shocked is an understatement.
My mum received fantastic care in ER and I would like to thank everyone. I especially want to thank the two paramedics Keith and Jason who certainly saved my mothers life. Staff in ward 6B you were all so kind and the staff in acute care. Mum is home and much better now. Thank you to everyone I cannot express my gratitude enough x
Been moved to the cardiac ward something wrong with my power supply looks like I might have to have a anagram to see what's going on



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