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Saturday 2nd May


Sunday 3rd May


Monday 4th May


Tuesday 5th May

Cirencester Hospital pharmacy to be taken over by national healthcare brand Lloyds (Wilts & Glos Standard)

With comment from Care Services Chief Executive Paul Jennings.

Enjoy the sun, but be aware of the risks too (Echo & Citizen) p38

Our Skin Cancer Nurse Louise Pound is quoted in a full page article following a press release issued by MacMillan.

Wednesday 6th May

Of interest: Now GPs could CHARGE you for routine surgery... (Daily Mail)

The article states: Dr Phil Fielding, of Gloucestershire LMC, which is proposing the change, said surgeries could carry out operations far cheaper than hospitals as patients would not stay overnight.

Jail for Gloucester man... (Citizen) 

Follows a court case of a man who punched and threatened a security guard at GRH 

Thursday 7th May

NHS staff artists needed for show (Citizen) p20

Short news item regarding our Artworks competition for staff. Lifeted directly from our staff Magazine Outline.

General election 2015: Labour leader Ed Miliband's message to Gloucester voters (Citizen)

The Labour leader is quoted as saying: "There are now 14,109 more people on NHS waiting lists in Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust compared to May 2010".

Nurses help more patients receive treatment for eye condition (Nursing Times) 

Nurses can deliver eye injections for patients with the wet form of age-related macular degeneration as safely and effectively as doctors, according to a UK study. The Researchers are   from Cheltenham General Hospital and the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Friday 8th May

Cyclists warned to lock it or lose it... (Citizen) p9

Police are cracking down on thieves who steal bikes in Gloucester. Article mentions thefts from GRH.


Tweets of the week

Just when you think it can't get any better we have a rehearsal like that! @gloshospitals @GlosCathedral #CaringChorus. Brilliant!

Spent some time with the @2getherTrust psych liaison team at @gloshospitals today. Such important work, done with passion & compassion.

Hard work of @SSreenivasan001 and Dr Mahajan at @gloshospitals

@gloshospitals # safeHands .. Stand in atrium gloucester hospital .. Come and see us !

Story image

Well done to all those shortlisted for the clinical leadership award: @QAHospitalNews @sashnhs @gloshospitals @Moorfields #thebmjawards

#Cheltenham is blue for the first time in 23 years. I hope this does mean the end of the Cheltenham General Hospital! #GE2015



NHS Choices

flossyglos reviewed Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

The care and advice I recieved whilst under the care of my consultant and his...

 The care and advice I recieved whilst under the care of my consultant and his team at the diabetic clinic was very commendable. The nurses also treated me with respect and supported me fully in my efforts to control my diabetes, eventually resulting in me being discharged and my care being taken over by my local GP surgery. An officiant and helpful service of which comforts me to know is there when/if I may need them again in the future.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 13 December 2014 using Patient Opinion

Sorry to see @MartinChelt go, Cheltenham General Hospital to become a private Tory club

Website feedback

Adrian Street


I just wanted to say 'thanks very much' for the excellent out-patients x-Ray I experienced last week. No appointment required, only a short wait and the results to my GP in only a few days - a very efficient service for a relatively minor problem.

Luke Rogers

Staff attitude

My fiancée took my 4 year old boy to orthopaedics this morning to have a plaster cast on his broken wrist. The receptionist was rude and confrontational for no reason, belittling her for asking if she had missed his name being called after taking him to the toilet. A simple yes or no would suffice rather than trying to make her feel stupid for asking. The consultant was also complaining that this injury does not require a cast but he will do it anyway as the process has already been started. We don't decide what care he receives, we simply do as we are told by the doctors. If these people are so disgruntled in their roles, wouldn't they be better off doing something else that perhaps doesn't involve working with the public?

Hilary Wood

Audiology department

I have today made an appointment for my 84 year old mother to attend the audiology clinic in Stroud to suit when she can be accompanied. The clinic was heavily booked and I was informed that it is now no longer possible for me or one of my siblings to bring my mother over on a much earlier day to Gloucester to wait for assistance at the clinic with her hearing aid which is causing her problems. She lives alone and relies on her hearing aid so is unable to post it for repair as was suggested to me. Here in Sheffield patients can attend the Audiology department each morning & wait for assistance normally a very short wait with booked appointments in the afternoon. I wish to express my disappointment at the service provided. For confidentiality reasons I have not included my mother's name. Many thanks & kind regards.

Jennifer Craig


I have very recently been an inpatient in GRH and while I have only the highest praise for the nurses and doctors there were some very real concerns about the cleanliness of the ward. I am a trained and practicing RGN and I was amazed at the rather low standard of cleanliness in the ward and toilets in particular . The nurses are far to busy if not rushed off their feet to be attending to this matter and I would value an opportunity to speak to your office about this once I am fully recovered and driving again. I would like to stress that I have only the highest regard for all the nursing and medical staff. Sincerely Mrs J Craig


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