May Week 2

Saturday 9th May

NHS staff were kind and caring (Citizen & Echo) p10

Positive patient letter praising the NHS including various teams at CGH and GRH. She said: "Over three days the staff in every department, reception, triage, doctors and nurses treated me like royalty. They were kind, understanding and respectful. No complains for NHS from this elderly lady."

Hard work starts now for new MP (Echo) p10

Editorial commenting on the election of new MP Alex Chalk. Mentions hos aim to find out what the future holds for CGH.

New MP sets goals as he promises positivity (Echo) p5

Full page article regarding Alex Chalk and the election outcomes. as part of his first 100 days the article states he will: "1. Demand clarification from the local hospitals trust about plans for the future of Cheltenham General Hospital."

A spoonful of storytelling helps the medicine go down at GRH (Citizen online)

Positive feature regarding a theatre groups pending visit to our Children's Centre.

Sunday 10th May


Monday 11th May

Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk: Thank you and now to get down to business (Echo) 

Alex Chalk writes a first person column: "I wanted to make an early start on pursuing my priorities. On Friday, after a brief sleep (!) I wrote my first letter as Cheltenham's new MP to Gloucestershire's Hospital Trust seeking clarification regarding the future of Cheltenham's hospital.

"Rumours have been swirling around for nearly two years about the future of emergency surgery at CGH, and I believe it is time we grasp the nettle.

"The people of Cheltenham are entitled to transparency on this important issue".

"It is my vision to preserve and modernise Cheltenham" (South West Business)

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Tuesday 12th May

County debuts cancer therapy (Echo & Citizen) p27

Lifted directly from our staff magazine Outline, a posotive article regarding a new type of cancer therapy we are offering. Doesn't mention us as an organisation however.

Let's see changes to A&E to help county (Echo) 

Online reaction to the paper's top stories - one of which includes: "Let's hope we see a full time A&E reinstated as soon as possible before Gloucester breaks under the strain."

Wednesday 13th May


Thursday 14th May


Friday 15th May

Wheely generous donor gives Hope (Citizen) p9

Positive article following joint press release as issued by our Communications Team following a generous donation for a vehicle to help our nurses to treat patients at the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.

Tweets of the week

We are supporting Nurses Day 2015 today! Tell us why you are proud to be a nurse #whyInurse

Our nurses are Extraordinary Every Day - not just on Nurses Day! Find out more at

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"Storytellers always have a positive impact & teach children the joys of reading." says mother of a 22 mth old. Gloucester @gloshospitals

Excellent service and care at Glos Royal Hospital day surgey. Keep up the good work @gloshospitals



We have been totally amazed by the detail on a cake made by Karon Cross from our ICU at GRH and think you will be too! Karon made this to mark International Nurses Day 2015 - really impressive

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We are supporting International Nurses Day 2015 today (Tuesday 12th May).

Nurses' Day gives us a fantastic opportunity to stand up and shout about what nursing means to us; why we joined the profession, and why we continue to work tirelessly to provide the best care we can for our patients.

It also provides us as employers with an opportunity to say thank you for all the hard work of our nurses and while we know this should be the case every day, having 12th May as a designated celebration means that all of us are joining together, collectively sharing a special day to really showcase what’s great about our profession.

We recruit people who share our values and our commitment to delivering the best care to all our patients, every day and we are proud of the way we can help to improve the lives of the people we treat in our hospitals. We are Extraordinary Everyday!

We hope as many of you as possible will be able to get involved in supporting Nurses' Day.

Whether you share your story with the RCN online, shout about why you are celebrating Nurses’ Day on Twitter or Facebook, make sure you share it with us we are @gloshospitals (remember to add: ‪#‎whyInurse‬)

Whatever it is you are doing to celebrate, We hope you have a wonderful Nurses' Day.

Clean hands save lives! Our Infection Control team have been raising awareness about the importance of hand hygiene at CGH.

We took a photo of Kath and Marian at the stand earlier as they gave away lots of goodies!

Find out more about what we are doing to tackle infection control at out hospitals here:


NHS Choices

Anonymous gave Accident and emergency services at Cheltenham General Hospital a rating of 5 stars



I have had the good fortune to be treated at Cheltenham General Hospital when I needed treatment. I found the Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff, a credit to their profession.
Yesterday I had occasion to visit the A & E department and was greeted by cheerful and informative personnel, pleasant nursing staff and treated by a doctor within ten minutes.
What an excellent facility we are fortunate to have in Cheltenham.

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 12 May 2015


ROCKANROLDIE reviewed Cheltenham General Hospital

The NHS is helping me live after my heart attack.


I had a heart attack five years ago and received wonderful treatment in Norwich & Norfolk University Hospital.
Since then I have had several emergency admissions to the cardiac section of Cheltenham General Hospital, Gloucestershire, where I have received fantastic care from all concerned. I do mean all, from surgeons and consultants through to all staff on the wards.
Being far from wealthy, I depend absolutely on the NHS, and I cannot speak highly enough of the care I have received, and still receive, through that system.
I am living a relatively healthy and productive life, which I hope still contributes to society. Yet, to put it bluntly, without the NHS I would be dead.
I will defend the NHS as long as I live.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 14 January 2015 using Patient Opinion


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