May Week 3

Saturday 16th May

Dementia champions on every ward (Citizen) p20

Short news item with photo of GRH following press release issued by our communications Team our work on dementia and Dementia Awareness Week.

Sunday 17th May


Monday 18th May

Breaking good and bad news (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Organ Donation Nurse Leanne Fare talks about her role in our hospitals and took the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of Organ Donation.

Consultant John Ferris talks about recruitment of Opthalmologists and eye surgery (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

see also:

John Ferris is interviewed on eye surgery innovation (BBC Points West)

Opthalmologist John Ferris is interviewed regarding simulated eye surgery innovations

NHS in Gloucestershire show support to national project (Gazette) 

Article follows a press release issued by our Communications Team regarding raising awareness about clinical research.

Hospitals offer dementia help (Echo & Citizen) p39

Short news item with a photo of Maggie Arnold, follows press release issued by our Communications Team regarding Dementia Awareness Week and the work we are doing as an organisation to raise awareness and to improve care for patients with the condition.

Tuesday 19th May

NHS staff who deserve an award (Heart)

Positive article following a press release issued by the Communications Team regarding nominations for our staff awards. 

Gloucestershire NHS staff raise awareness (Echo)

Positive article regarding our Clinical Research Teams raising awareness across the county throughout the week following press release as issued by our communications team.

Wednesday 20th May

'Portering helped me give something back' (Echo & Citizen) p6 Business suppliment

Positive article with photo of Alice Ward, an Apprentice Porter at GRH following her nomination for the paper's Apprenticeship Awards.

Preparing for one million dementia sufferers by 2021 (Echo & Citizen) p24

Positive article on Dementia in the Heath & Wellbeing pages with details of the work we as a Trust are doing to improve care for our patients. With details of our health information stands and quote from Maggie Arnold following press release issued by the Communications Team.

Steer clear of A&E if possible urges hospital chief as target times missed (Echo & Citizen) p17

Article looks at our A&E waits and asks readers to think carefully before coming to A&E.

Thursday 21st May

Take closer look at the latest cutting-edge eye surgery kit (Citizen) p23

Positive article regarding the expertese available to our patients regarding technology the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and our consultants are developing to train eye surgeons with simulation technology. Mentions Professor Andrew McNought, Ophthalmologist Quresh Mohamed and quotes Ophthalmologist John Ferris.

Technology changes training of surgeons in blink of an eye (Echo) p4

As above

Join the fun at hospital's summer fete (Citizen) p9

A fete organised by the Friends of GRH - a short news item flagging up the event.

Of interest: Six things you may not know about England Captain Alistair Cook (Citizen)

Including he was born at GRH...

Cotswold charities boosted by £1,117 from departing chairman (Wilts & Glos Standard)

Positive article regarding ScooBdoo - article mentions GRH: Scoo-B-Doo supports the neonatal unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in caring for sick and premature babies from Gloucestershire and beyond. Over 80 per cent of the equipment used for this purpose has been funded by the charity which aims to ensure that the babies are given the best possible care.

Friday 22nd May

Emergency only at Hospital A&E say health chiefs (Echo) p26

Positive pre-bank holiday message promoting the sympom checker - helping readers to understand their options for treatment in the community and to see the live wait times at A&Es

see also: Symptom Checker eases A&E burden (Citizen) p22

(as above)

Riders raise £13k for play area on John O'Groats ride (Citizen) p29

Four cyclists raise money for Pied Pieper to fund a new play area for the Children's Centre at GRH

Tweets of the week

On my way to @gloshospitals wearing purple to support @CrohnsColitisUK

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@gloshospitals here we go again. Fracture clinic today at Gloucestershire Royal. 13 weeks gone hope all is still on thanks guys x

Lovely plant sale in Bath Road organised by League of Friends of Cheltenham General Hosp @gloshospitals

I've been in Gloucester Royal Hospital 2 days/nights and I've gone Twitter mad. Who says the NHS is going down the pan. STAFF ARE BRILLIANT

Find out more about NHS clinical research in Glos at the info bus on the High St, Cheltenham today! #itsoktoask

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False teeth, walking sticks..a sewing machine. Manager Lynsey talks lost property with @fayhatcher @BBCGlos .

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We've been ANTT'd! Cheryl & Deborah raise awareness about a technique which is helping to cut infection rates at CGH

Media preview



NHS organisations across the county are working together to raise awareness about clinical research.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust and Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group are backing the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) ‘It’s OK to ask’ campaign which seeks to encourage patients to ask their family doctor, nurse or consultant about clinical research.

We were raising ...

See More

We're launching our Patient's Choice Award for 2015 today. It's your chance to nominate a member of our staff who's made a difference when they've been involved in your care.

We know that we have so many extraordinary members of staff who despite working under enormous pressure, are consistently going further to deliver exceptional care to our patients. This award gives local people the chance to acknowledge those special individuals who go the extra mile in the course of their work.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's photo.

It's Dementia Awareness Week. There are information displays at both hospitals through the week - find out more about what we're doing to support patients with dementia.


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Website feedback

Mrs. H. Arbury - E.D. 

My son 17 year old wassuddenly taken ill on Saturday afternoon (16th May) with severe chest/abdo pains and projectile vomiting. An ambulance (1st responder) was swiftly in attendance at Hartbury College rugby 7's event. After the paramedics examination etc. we were advised to take him ourselves to Royal Gloucester Hospital ED and not to take him to our local hospital ED in Bath. We were happy to do this as we could see our son was very unwell and needed urgent medicial help and advice. We had several concerns during our visit to the ED which I feel needs to be addressed. 1. RECEPTION AREA:- reception desk far too high. I am 4ft 11 and had to tip toe to be able to see and speak to receptionist who had to remain seated so she could operated her computer. My son was unable to book himself in as he needed to use the toilet as soon as we arrived. The floor hygiene standards are poor and chairs uncomfortable. The clock display stating staff will try and see you within 4 hours is set at incorrect time and not very accurate either with the total waiting time. 2. NURSING STAFF:- We have no complaint to make with the nurse who carried out initial assessment and tests. BUT to keep being asked to go in and out of the room showed there is a lack of facilities for staff to be able to use and allow patients to be comfortable. After 4 hours of sitting and waiting to see a doctor, my son said to me he can see that staff are busy but to be able to lay down would make the wait more bearable. 3. DR'S:- We again have no complaint to make of the doctor who came to assess my son. BUT it became quiet clear whilst sitting in the ED that there is nowhere near enough doctors on duty for the workload of the department. I counted 4 dr's. 2 in scrubs which I presume are surgical dr's and 2 in green uniform which I presume are the ED dr's. The dr who attended to my son I presume was from the medical ward as his badge "gastroenterology" team. Also he said he'd been asked to come to see my son as we have been waiting sometime. Which brings me onto :- 4. WAITING TIME. Having arrived at 18.45hrs approx. we didn't need to wait long for the triage nurse to see my son and carry out tasks that where required to aid the dr's with their examination etc. She told us it would take at least an hour for results to come through for the dr. (I worked out that results would be ready by 21.00 hrs allowing time for bloods to reach labs etc). By 23.00hrs approx and still no communication as to how much longer my son was going to have to wait to be seen. I asked a staff nurse how much longer would it be and I did say I appreciate that they are busy. She informed me my son was 2nd on the list but not able to say. At 00.30 approx the dr. came to assess my son, ordered an x ray, anti biotics and we left the ED at 01.30hrs approx. To be in ED for 7 hours without updates indicating approximate length of waiting time to see a doctor is unacceptable. Especially when your advised to take your child to ED where you are at the time of the event and not the ED where you live on the way home. I'd like to make a suggestion that the electric clock stating staff try to see you within 4 hours is used to state approximate waiting time from seeing the nurse to seeing the dr would be far more beneficial to those who are waiting. Or for someone to come to waiting area and apologises for the length of waiting time. This would at least make patients feel that they have not been neglected or forgotten about. We didn't arrive home until 03.00hrs and wonder whether we should have gone against the advise of the paramedic and went to ED in Bath on the way home as we have never had to wait 6 hrs to see a dr. Heather Arbury, 26, Blckbird Way, Frome, Somerset. BA11 2UR 

Brian Price - gallery ward 1 

You'll be pleased this is NOT a complaint! Mother has been looked after for 5 weeks, although I am not a medical person, the care respect she was given surpassed what the media would have us believe about the NHS. The system did very very well If I am allowed a little moan, hospital transport home, I was telephoned to say mum had left and coming straight to Lydney Ha Ha 2 hours later. These timings are important for us, it was agreed that she would arrive home 'late afternoon' in time for the carer's, who were scheduled for 19:00 not 14:00. Apart from that WELL done everybody sincerely Brian Price



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