November Week 4

Saturday 21st November

We don't want to go on strike but we have to - junior doctor (Citizen) p6

Article follows an interview with a junior doctor from our ACU at GRH and features a statement as issued by our Communications Team.

Sunday 22nd November


Monday 23rd November

Hospital staff get warning to stub it out (Citizen) p15

Short news item directly lifted from our Staff Magazine Outline regarding CCTV being installed to deter staff from smoking on-site at GRH. 

Tuesday 24th November

Hundreds of assaults reported on NHS Staff in Gloucestershire (Citizen) 

Article focusses on the total for the county and includes a statement as issued by our Communications Team.

Wednesday 25th November


Thursday 26th November

Hospital helicopter landing pad getting lifesaving use (Citizen) p2

Short news item stating that there have been 388 landings at GRH since May 2014

Friday 27th November


Tweets of the week


Lovely video of the @gloshospitals Staff Awards. We sponsored the Innovation Award won by the Biophotonics team


Our latest members' newsletter is out now, with all the latest news about what's happening at our hospitals:


Website feedback

Helen Clow - GRH Colposcopy & Treatment 25/11/15

I was seen by Raj Dhillion & her team. I would just like to say how impressed I was by their their overall attitude, attention, compassion & care. For what is not a particularly pleasant procedure they were incredibly informative about what was going on & truly put me at ease about everything. I couldn't fault them & hope they that they regularly receive recognition for their excellent standards.

Katy Howell -  Amazing care

I am writing to you as I attended the MDU today 25th November 2015 for a iron infusion, I would just like to say all the years of being treated at the hospital I was overwhelmed with the care I received on there, the staff was so friendly and welcoming and looked after me amazingly I can not say how pleased I was today. Thank you again MDU

Ann Brown - my operation

I am now at home after having the "repair job" and as it turns out , a hysterectomy which was necessary. My experience was that I only had to call for assistance and within a short time the bell was answered. I had the most professional and sympathetic care at GRH. The surgeon visited me twice on the day after the op. and each day after that until I was discharged. I was also told that I could stay if I didn't feel able to go home. I feel that I have been extremely lucky and give thanks. The NHS is under great pressure and I hope that it continues without any drastic changes in the future.

Mrs Rhona Walker - Telephone system 

I tried for half an hour to get through your phone system to speak to my Dad's consultant and still did not manage it. I asked for opthalmology and got put through to oncology. I was asked to say cancel if it was wrong which I did and it put me through anyway !!!! Then they put me through to the eye THEATRE and various other places. When I went through the operator to ask for the extension number the lady that answered the phone just said hello (no name given) so I asked if that was the person I was trying to contact and she said "No, goodbye" and put the phone down !!!!! I think you need to take a SERIOUS look at this ridiculous phone system. I cannot come in to the hospital as I live 360 miles away but you can be assured that if I was nearer I would definitely be in - I hope your standard of care is SIGNIFICANTLY better than your phone system - VERY frustrated