September Week 2

Saturday 5th September

Bundles of joy bring tears and big smiles (Echo) p31

Near full page photo story with images taken of new parents and babies at GRH at the beginning of the month, as arranged by our Communications Team.

Sunday 6th September


Monday 7th September

Transplant Awareness Week (BBC Radio Gloucestershire)

Positive interview with our Organ Donation Lead Consultant at 8.30am as arranged by our Communications Team and our Organ Donation Committee.

Rugby starts to kick off plea to carry card (Citizen) p13

Following a press release as issued by our Communications Team, the paper covers our Organ Donation Committee's work with Gloucester Rugby - with photo of our OD Committee and Rugby players and an Organ Donation Register sign up form. Full page, hugely positive article to mark Transplant Awareness Week.

Our Little Miracle (Echo) p1, 4, 5, 10

Positive coverage dominating the paper in support of Transplant Awareness Week. With case study of a young boy who benefitted from organ donation, a poem from the boy's sister (a member of our OD Committee) and an editorial comment in support of OD as arranged by our Organ Donation Committee and our Communications Team.


Tuesday 8th September



Wednesday 9th September

Save lives by signing up to give key organs (Echo & Citizen) P20

Main article on the Health ans wellbeing pages with a form - following press release as issued by our Communications Team.

Dad Scott Denning cycles for hospital baby unit (Citizen) p13

The father of two raises money for our special baby unit

Thursday 10th September


Friday 11th September


Tweets of the week


@gloshospitals Induction Loop, Rehab reception at CGH not working. Receptionist doesn't seem to understand what it does. Please investigate

Reported 2 x in 2 weeks. Receptionist stated; "Things take a long time to get repaired here." Why, is that acceptable?