Keeping Our Hospitals Clean

Keeping our hospitals clean

We pride ourselves on having clean hospitals.

It is the role of all members of the hospital including patients and visitors to help us maintain the excellent standard of cleanliness within the hospital.

If you are a patient coming into hospital please bring only what you need so your bed area is tidy and our cleaners are able to clean the area around your bed.

For more information, see the What to bring to hospital page.

If you are a visitor, please make sure you are not ill when you visit. If you have suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting you should not visit the hospital until you have had no symptoms for at least 72 hours.

Please do not sit on a patient’s bed—use a chair or ask a member of staff for one if none are available.

Find out more about our Combat Norovirus Campaign.

Hand Hygiene 

Handwashing is one of the most effective measures of reducing infection and all staff and visitors are asked to wash their hands or use the alcohol hand foam l before and after seeing relatives or patients. These facilities are available throughout our hospitals.

Signage is in place throughout the hospital to remind both staff and visitors of the importance of hand hygiene.

Every clinical area in the Trust monitors staff compliance with hand hygiene monthly by auditing. This is then fed back to all staff so we all improve hand hygiene.

Hand Hygiene Policy