Copies of Letters about your Care

Receiving copies of letters about your care or treatment:

Since October 2011, our patients have the opportunity to receive copies of letters sent between health professionals about their care.

Research has shown that this can help patients because:

  • The letter serves as a reminder of care, treatment and relevant information.
  • The letter can help to iron-out any misunderstandings or misconceptions.
  • The patient has a document to show to another care provider or relevant organisation if they wish.

How to receive your copy letters

Patients who come into hospital as an inpatient will routinely be given a copy of their ‘discharge summary’ when they leave.  This contains the same information that is sent to the GP.

If you attend an outpatient appointment and wish to receive a copy of the letter sent to your GP after your visit, you must inform the doctor during your appointment.

If you require an interpreter or translation please contact:

The Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) on 0800 019 3282