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#hellomynameis is a national campaign started by Dr Kate Granger, a doctor who experienced life as a patient when she was diagnosed with cancer.

We are supporting the campaign at our hospitals, which aims to make a difference to patients across the country by asking NHS staff to properly introduce themselves to every patient they meet.

Most of our staff already do this, but we are asking them to go a step further and to make a pledge online and to share a photo of themselves online to show their commitment to improving patient experience at our hospitals.

For more information, visit the #hellomynameis campaign website or follow us on social media @gloshospitals

Audit success

An audit of staff, undertaken by a team of volunteers in January 2016, found that an impressive 93% of staff at CGH were heard to introduce themselves using ‘hello, my name is’ or a similar greeting and 90% at GRH. 

The audit was taken a year after the launch of the campaign to see if the ‘Hello my name is’ campaign had been taken on board by the our staff and to see if patients were aware of the campaign.  

A total of 58 patients were asked for their views across a range of wards at CGH and GRH. 

Lecturer Practitioner for Dementia & Mental Health Care Julie Bruce-Watt said:

“I was pleased with the result but we can always try to do better. I will now take it back to the Hello My Name Is (HMNI)  group for their thoughts and will share it in our Lecturer Practitioner teaching sessions”. 


Our staff pledges

Gillian Thistlewood
Lead Occupational Therapist
Paul Wain
Team Development Specialist
Sally Pugh
Frank Harsent

Irwin Wilson
Frank Harsent
Chief Executive
Julie Bruce-Watt
Lecturer Practitioner
Irwin Wilson
Associate Director of Contracts
Eric Gatling

Maggie Arnold

Dave Smith
Eric Gatling
Director of Service Delivery
Maggie Arnold
Director of Nursing
Dave Smith
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
Sally Pearson Jim Welch Izzi Shearer
Sally Pearson
Director of Clinical Strategy
Jim Welch
Mental Health Liaison Team
Izzi Shearer
Mental Health Liaison Nurse
Jo Greaves Pauline Campbell Stewart Lewis
Jo Greaves
Mental Health Liaison Team
Pauline Campbell
Mental Health Liaison Team
Stewart Lewis
Medical Engineering
Sarah Scammell Paul Hooton Lisa Meadows
Sarah Scammell
Integrated Discharge Team
Paul Hooton
Assistant Director for Professional Education
Lisa Meadows
Private Patient Officer
Adam Curtis Bibi Senaz Korimbocus Carol Dovey
Adam Curtis
Professional Education Practitioner
Bibi Senaz Korimbocus
Volunteer on 9b
Carole Dovey
Private Patient Officer
Dr Donald Kate Williams Ryan Brunsdon
Dr Donald
Kate Williams
Pharmacy Department
 Ryan Brunsdon
Administrator for Professional Education
Kate Williams and Linda Jones Dr Hellier Gilly Whittingham
Kate Wilson and Linda Jones
Ward Manager Sister and Sister from Ward 8b
Dr Hellier
Stroke Consultant
Gilly Whittingham
Stroke Specialist Nurse
Lin McColl Leah Carson Bridget Cooper
Lin McColl
Ward Manager Sister 6a
Leah Carson
Staff Nurse on Ward 9b
Bridget Hooper
Patient Meals Services Manager
Heather Eldridge and Sam Smith Rachel Edwards
Sue McShane
Heather Eldridge and Sam Smith
Equipment trainer/Tissue viability support and Tissue Viability Nurse

Rachel Edwards
Lecturer Practitioner

Sue McShane
Modern Matron
Julie Bullingham and team Kanta Patel
Joan Mitchell
Julie Bullingham, Gail Cole, Theresa Patterson and Kate Harper
Ward 7B

Kanta Patel
Catering Team

Joan Mitchell
Haemoglobinopathy Nurse Councillor
Amanda Brason Carole Merrett
Laura Darcy
Amanda Brason
Medical Physicist

Carole Merrett Gloria Gregorio and Maxine Daniels
Critical Care, GRH

Laura D'Arcy
Mental Health Liaison Team
Rob Randles team Htein
Felicity Underwood

Rob Randles, Janette Thomas, Rodma Manikan, Mary Richardson and Jane Sharrock

Ward 5A 

Htein Win
Domestic Assistant

Felicity Underwood
ED Nurse
Reg Gregerio Gugulethu Mlotshwa
Jo Jones
Reg Gregario
Charge Nurse ACUA

Gugulethu Mlotshwa
Student Nurse

Jo Jones
Lecturer Practitioner
Sarah Coombes Steve Shelley-king
Mark Charania
Sarah Coombes
Senior Occupational Therapist

Steve Shelley-King
Mental Health Liaison Nurse

Mark Charania
Jerome Ibarra and Karen Paul Katie Mitten
Julie Bryan
Jerome Ibarra and Karen Paul
Katie Mitten
Nurse Practitioner
Julie Bryan
Tissue Viability Nurse
Dave Ellison Helen and Ben
Dave Ellison
Porter at GRH

Helen Russell and Ben Breen
Staff Nurses
Eddie Minchew and colleagues
Knightsbridge Ward
CGH MAU Kay Ralph and team
Critical Care
Adele Sage, Tony Galan and Rea Ewing

Kay Ralph, Luis Sousa, Laura Dowdeswell, Beth McGill, Stuart Nelson and Hayley Bartlett
Cardiac Ward
Alison Peet, Alison Lovett Turner, Lin Darby and Sarah Maton
Critical Care Outreach
Pascual Perez
Jane williams
Pascual Perez and Donovan Cooper
Domestic Services

Michelle Cromwell
Jane Williams
CGH Volunteer
Charlotte Ayrton Polly and Fiona
Speech therapy
Charlotte Ayrton
Staff Nurse, Lillybrook Ward

Polly Pullinger and Fiona Haines
Clinical Nurse Manager and Ward Sister at CGH
Anna Ryder and Alice Bailey
Speech Therapy at GRH
Caroline David Rider
Jen Simms and Caroline Bundy
Caroline Elcock
Urology Nurse Practitioner, Bibury Ward

David Rider
Nurse Practitioner, Kemerton Ward
Jen Simms and Caroline Bundy
Hazleton Ward
Sian Williams Hazelton Dixton Ward
Alison Lock Angela Greatorex Thea Goodman and Dymphna Williams
Sian Williams
Staff Nurse, Hazleton Ward

Emma Ashcroft, Chrissie Woore, Amy Carson, Sherry Davies and Jo Williams
Dixton Ward
Alison Lock, Angela Greatorex, Thea Goodman and Dymphna Williams
Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit GRH


"I think the reason Kate’s campaign has had so much interest and support is because her message, as simple as it is, is a reflection of the attitude and care we show our patients.

Kate’s campaign has made everyone sit up and think about the importance of making that initial contact with your patient count and how people feel when we don’t do it. ‘Hello, my name is’  is the first step in our relationships with patients, families and carers and we need to get it right, all the time".
Julie Bruce-Watt