Information about you

Medical information

Information about your treatment is strictly confidential to the staff concerned. They will not pass it on to anyone except your GP without your permission.

Please ask the doctor or ward sister if you want to know anything about your condition or treatment or medicines you are receiving. They will also, if you wish, keep your relatives informed of your progress.

How we handle information about you (external link)

Health records for auditing purposes

As part of our Trust's monitoring program for assessment of quality and outcomes of care, the health records of a number of patients  are accessed from time to time for auditing purposes. This may be via a third party. If there is any reason that the patient would prefer this not to happen, please can they notify the Trust in writing as soon as possible.

More about Health Records

Data Protection

Computer systems are in use in virtually all areas of patient services. By Law the Trust is registered under the Data Protection Act, which protects the patients' right to confidentiality and ensures that personal data kept on computer cannot be used for purposes incompatible with health care.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to see your personal information. There is a process that has to be followed and you may be required to pay a fee. If you require further information related to this please ask to be put in touch with the Access office in the hospital.

 All your information whether held on computers or in a paper based filing system is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Data Protection Act 1998 is a law that came into force on 1 March 2000 to protect personal privacy and uphold individuals’ rights.

It helps to make sure that all information held is managed properly and in accordance with the eight principles of good practice. The principles require, amongst other things, that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully, is accurate and relevant and is subject to appropriate security. Your information will only be used for those purposes related to your healthcare. If it is required for any other purpose, for example research, then you will be provided with information and asked for your consent.