Keeping in touch

General information for patients, friends and family 

Telephone calls 

Bedside telephones: if you wish to contact friends or family there are bedside telephones. Each handset has its own number. To phone out you need to purchase a telephone card from the machines outside the ward areas.

Mobile phones: can be used in most areas but not where there is specialist medical equipment. Staff in the wards and departments will tell you where you can use your mobile phone.

Whilst in hospital please keep your mobile on “silent” or “vibrate” and only receive or make calls from the ward between 7am and 10pm. Visitors are expected to make any calls outside of the ward areas. Taking photographs of other patients or staff is not allowed without their full agreement.

Public pay phones: are available in the main entrances to the hospitals.

Each of our wards has a direct dial telephone number which is included in the ward information. You can also ring the hospital on 0300 422 2222 and ask to be put through to the relevant ward.