Keeping you safe during your stay

Making your stay with us safe

Read our leaflet which shares eight simple steps to keep yourself safe during your stay in hospital.

Fire safety 

The Fire Alarm system is tested every Tuesday at GRH and every Wednesday morning at CGH. If you hear a loud siren, please do not worry as this testing is part of our safety procedures. In the unlikely event of a fire, remain calm. All staff are trained in how to deal with this situation and will tell you what to do. If you see anything that is a fire hazard, please let the staff know.


Money and valuables 

Whilst you are able to keep personal belongings in your bedside cupboard, we strongly advise you not to keep any valuable items or large amounts of money with you in hospital. You will only need a small amount of money for your day-to-day needs, such as newspapers.

If you have brought in cash or valuables these need to be handed to the nurse in charge who will arrange for its safekeeping and give you a receipt. Please note that any cash will be refunded to you in the form of a cheque when you leave hospital. We do not take any responsibility for personal items such as jewellery and money which are lost or damaged and have not been handed over.


Electrical equipment 

Any mains electrical equipment such as laptops must be checked by our Property and Medical Engineering Department before being used in hospital. Please ask the nurse in charge, who will arrange this.

Please note: this service is not available at weekends or Bank Holidays. There is no internet access onsite for patients or members of the public.


Safe environment 

In order to keep patients, visitors and staff safe in our hospital buildings and grounds we use CCTV, identity passes, security patrols and restricted access facilities. Please tell a member of staff if you see anything which appears to breach hospital security.