PLACE: Patient benefits

Patients are continuing to benefit from an improved experience at our hospitals, according to this year’s Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).

The patient-led assessments showed that both Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals have made good progress across a range of non-clinical services such as cleanliness, food, hydration, and the provision of privacy and dignity in providing care.

Combined these factors begin to tell a story about the environment in which healthcare is delivered.

For the first time this year’s PLACE results have been used to support mandatory food standards across hospitals.

Across four key standards; food; cleanliness; privacy, dignity and wellbeing and; condition and appearance both Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals had improved in six out of eight areas (see table) compared to the previous year.


Hospital Food Cleanliness Privacy, dignity and wellbeing Condition and appearance
Year 2013 2014 2013 2014 2013 2014 2013 2014
CGH 77.13% 85.92% 91.55% 97.45% 87.88% 79.42% 90.2% 86.94%
GRH 76.25% 83.33% 88.60% 95.43% 87.92% 88.55% 86.08% 88.82%
Stroud 78.57% 90.62% 78.49% 88.64% 66.00% 76.00% 74.11% 85.85%


How we’ve achieved continuous improvement


Monitoring of service standards by the domestic services and monitoring teams has driven cleanliness standards up. Infection control teams are very proactive, supportive and are a constant source of information and advice. All this work as has seen a steady improvement in cleanliness standards. Reporting cleanliness standards to our infection control meeting also acts as a governance and assurance. The standards are also closely monitored by the Director of Nursing.



There has been a change in the catering management arrangements which has seen a re-focussed energy on food for patients. Much credit also has to go to the Food and Nutrition Group who are instrumental in leading changes to improve patient experience. Some examples of good practice over the past 12 months include new china for the wards and a more varied menu.


Privacy, dignity and wellbeing:

Improvements especially to the Stroud Maternity Unit have included the new birthing facilities. The condition and appearance have also improved. There are plans in place to improve facilities at Cheltenham such as patient access to TVs, radios and WIFI. The loss of dayrooms have impacted on this year’s PLACE results.


Condition and appearance:

The impact of our works programme plus the age of the building did have an impact on this year’s score at Cheltenham. In Gloucester, however, it was recorded that there was an improvement in the general condition and appearance of the buildings. In particular signage has really improved thanks to the ‘Way Finding Project’.