Social media

We like to share our latest news, insights and health information with you in lots of ways, not just via our website. If you have a question for us, would like to share your views or just want to tell others what you think of our services, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We'd love to hear from you!

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Privacy and policy online

We want to be up front with you about our position and behavior on blogging and social media. We take patient privacy, confidentiality and our duty of care to vulnerable people in our care very seriously and want you to feel confident about our online behaviour.  We have a social media policy which includes guidelines for staff on how they can protect the confidentiality of patients while they are online. 

Please be assured that we will never post personal health information about any of our patients in a blog or a social media site. 

We also want to ensure that patients adhere to the same standards while in our care to make sure that information or images of other patients are not released without their prior consent. 

Taking photographs in our hospitals

Please see below our policy on the taking of photographs while on any of our sites or as an inpatient:

  • Patients may take photos of themselves and/or their relatives for personal reasons, and for their own personal use only
  • Express permission is needed for photographs to be taken of the inside of hospital premises, particularly wards and clinical areas (including Trust staff)
  • Express written permission is needed from patients if photographs of them are to be taken on the wards and clinical areas
  • This permission can only be obtained if the patient has capacity to give it. If the patient does not have capacity to give permission, photographs must not be taken
  • If patients continue to take photographs after this has been explained to them and they have been asked not to, the Trust may take a decision on whether to contact the patient(s) whose photographs have been taken. In such a case, the Trust must make clear that they had no control over the taking of the photos, and inform the individual that they would need to take their own action if they wanted redress. The Trust would assist by providing information in these cases.

Please do contact us if you have any questions.