Here for you

Whether you come to hospital as a patient or a family member/carer or work here   the chaplains are here to support you.

If you know that you will be coming into  hospital you can contact us  in advance to arrange your spiritual care.

For patients, as a part of the admission procedure  and  your ongoing care, you will be asked about your religion, but if you want to see a chaplain you must make a specific request.  We can also contact your local faith leader on your behalf – but  only if you ask us to.

You may ask ward staff to contact a chaplain at any time and a member of the team will visit you as soon as they are able.  Ministry is always available at  your bedside and we can sometimes make arrangements for you to visit the chapel or prayer rooms.

Families, carers and friends are also welcome to contact the chaplains directly to request support for themselves as well as for the patient.

Please see our ‘contact us’ page for full details about getting in touch.

Keep in touch! - From time to time we organise special, seasonal events for patients and staff.  Any staff members who would like to know about our programme in advance should email us with their name and department.

If you would like us to visit you or someone you know while in hospital you must contact the chaplains or make a special request on the ward that the chaplain be informed of your wishes. If you do not contact us we may not know that you are in hospital and cannot support your spiritual needs.