Ward staffing levels

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Our staffing levels

This is the Government’s response to the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry and one of the key actions from their response is to ensure safe staffing and for data about nurse staffing numbers on hospital wards to be published.

Our Local Area Team have asked us to comment on instances when the levels of staffing are below 80% or above 120% as planned.

Where the staffing levels over the month, for registered nurses or care staff are below 80%, the needs of the patients were met by an increase in the other group of staff on that ward. We have no wards month where the average staffing level over the month is below 80%. These monthly figures do not relfect that there will be some individual shifts during the month when these levels are not met. On these occasions the senior nurses reallocate staff from other areas or bring in bank or agency staff when available.

Where the staffing levels are in excess of 120% of planned numbers this is where on average ,over the month, we have temporarily  increased staff levels in response to a judgement of the clinical staff relating to the dependancy of patients.


Staffing levels