WiFi in our hospitals


All visitors to both hospitals and patients on our wards can access WiFi for free in almost all areas, using their own devices.

Users of the WiFi network will need to agree to Terms and Conditions before access, agreeing to a range of standards to help us maintain our duty of patient confidentiality. 

We would like to also remind patients and visitors to our hospitals of our social media guidelines

How to connect to our WiFi in three easy steps

1. Enable your WiFi: check the WiFi is turned on within your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other WiFi enabled device

2. Connect to the network: select the GHC-Guest network from the choice of networks available

3. Open your web browser: Open up the internet browser on your device. You will then be directed to a welcome portal where you can sign in. 


Give WiFi Spark a call on 0344 848 9555.