You and your treatment

Meeting your needs


If a person is involved in your care, please let us know so that we can involve them appropriately with you in your care and treatment.

If you are a carer please let us know so that we can ensure that if needed, the right support and help is in place for both you and the person you care for.


Making your stay as comfortable as possible

 We want you to play a full part in discussions and decisions about your treatment and care and to feel as comfortable and independent as possible while in hospital. Please let staff know if you need any special help or support to achieve this.

This includes any equipment that you may need If you or your family want to discuss your specific needs or additional support before you come into hospital, please contact the Senior Nurse on the ward.

We will provide interpreting services where needed.



We are proud to be training the healthcare professionals of the future, including medical students. We will always ask your permissionif medical students are to be present and you can of course decline. This will not affect your care and treatment in any way.